What to do before calling a residential heating repair company

heating repair

Anyone who lives in Fort Collins, CO understands that keeping the home heating system in top shape is essential. While there are certainly times when you need help from a professional, there are situations that you can resolve yourself. At the least, checking a few basics before contacting a local heating repair expert in residential HVAC service will provide you with some information that the professional can use. In the best-case scenario, what you find will correct whatever issue you are experiencing. Here are examples of factors you should check before calling a pro.

What Do The Filters Look Like?

Clean filters are essential if your want the residential heating system to work at peak efficiency. They remove all sorts of dander, dirt, and other residue from the air and prevent it from clogging the system. While that’s great, a filter that hasn’t been changed in some time does result in more pressure in the unit. It could also increase the odds of the system working hard than it should. Along with wasting energy, a dirty filter increases the stress on the unit and could cause it to overheat.

Even if your unit is designed to shut down before any serious is damage is done, it pays to check your filters at least once a month. If they’re dirty, replace them. This one routine task will prevent a number of repair issues.

Check the Thermostat

Are you sure all the settings on the thermostat are correct? Before assuming something is wrong with the unit, check those settings closely. This is especially important if several people live in your home. Someone could adjust the settings without you being aware of any changes.

For example, someone was a little too warm after taking a shower and changed the settings to cool the space slightly. You come home and the house is chilly. Instead of assuming the heating system is not working properly, check the thermostat. Something as simply as adjusting the temperature or switching the setting back to “heat” instead of “off” will take care of the problem.

Examine the Circuit Breakers and Switches

You already know that circuit breakers can trip for all sorts of reasons. The thing is that unless those breakers control power to the lights, it may be a little while before you notice anything has happened. That’s especially true when a tripped breaker is the reason why your home heating system is not producing any heat.

Check the breaker before you call anyone. It it has tripped, return it to the “on” position. Since many breakers operate just like a standard light switch, it will be easy to manage this task. If you do return the breaker to the “on” position and the system does not activate in the next couple of moments and you know the thermostat settings are correct, calling for a residential heating system repair in Fort Collins, CO might be in order.

Remember to Take a Look at the Furnace Codes

Do you have an older home heating system? If the unit was installed prior to 2000, there’s a good chance the setup included small windows with a series of indicator lights. Codes flash in those small windows when something is not working properly. If you check the windows and see any warning codes flashing, you do need to contact a professional.

Keep in mind that you can use the owner’s manual to determine what the code happens to be and pass that information on to the repair professional. That will help the pro have a better idea of where to look first before determining what kind of repair you need.

If you do check everything and whatever happens to be wrong is more than you can manage, feel free to call a professional repair service in Fort Collins. Contact our team via our website Swan Heating & Air Conditioning or by phone today. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment and check your home heating system. In less time than you thought possible, the problem will be identified and resolved.