When is the best time to do home renovations?


A home renovation project is a sure way of giving your house that extra zing when you’re getting bored of how it looks. Renovations can breathe new life into your home, as well as make a change that you’re definitely going to be proud of.

But home improvement projects cost a significant amount of money. And the cost can easily spike up if you’re not careful with timing your project right. There are many extraneous variables that you need to be able to consider before you even start buying materials for your project.

The Dangers of Bad Timing

Extraneous variables like the weather can quickly escalate the cost of your project, whether by direct damage to our project or by causing delays in the fulfillment of your project. The danger here is that you might even be left with an unfinished home renovation.

There is, however, a solution. You don’t always have to spend your own cash when you’re paying for renovations. By applying for a loan, a 203k loan, you’re able to get your project done while still having emergency funds should you need them. And this minimizes the risk of you ending up with an unfinished project.

Now, the trick to ensuring that your project is going to be finished is to determine which home renovation projects are best to do depending on the current season. See, the two main things to keep in mind are contractor availability and whether or not you’re going to hinder the use of that particular item you’re renovating.


During the hot Summer, you’re going to want to focus on renovating your fireplace as well and maybe installing a furnace. The reason being that you’re not going to need either of these, especially with the scorching heat outside. Summer is also the best time to hire contractors who specialize in remodeling these two items as the need for them isn’t as high versus when in winter.


If you haven’t caught up to the pattern here, it’s simply a matter of getting your renovations done during the off-season. For instance, you won’t be needing an AC unit working during fall because of the cool weather. This makes AC professionals readily available since there isn’t going to be much demand for them. Another good project to do during the fall is to paint your house. Whether this is a better option depends heavily on the climate of the area you live in.


Now, one of the best projects to do during winter is deck building. Winter is the least demanding season for deck builders and as such, they’re not only going to be readily available to perform your project, but your deck is bound to be finished early enough for you to enjoy it during spring and summer.


Window-related projects are usually done during the summer but you can simply have these projects done a season early. Again, the rationale is simple. The contractors related to the specific project are usually less loaded with gigs during their off-season. This often means that they’re not only reliable, they’re also going to be able to give your project their undivided attention, and usually give you a better price.