Where can I buy furniture in Singapore?

new furniture

Immediately after moving to a new city or country, people feel the need to convert their new house into a home. When the new city is Singapore, it is indeed a little difficult to contain your excitement. This city is replete with lifestyle stores, recycled furniture shops, and eco-friendly furnishing options that you can dive into on your first week of staying.

If you are ready to scour the market for a good old “Fixer Upper” style home makeover, we hope that our furniture guide will be of help.

1. What do you absolutely need?

Buying furniture can be costly or economic depending on where you are shopping or what you are buying. As we all know by now, we need to consider the purpose of each room before we go out furniture shopping.

Your bedroom might need a replacement wardrobe, and your dining room might need a new dining table, but what about the baubles like a little corner table for your potted plant or a credenza for your dining room?

Make a floor plan and place the furniture that you already own on it. Next, imagine the shape and size of the new furniture you want for the individual rooms. Make a list of the new furniture and the money you are willing to spend.

2. Where do you go to buy furniture?

Where you go to look for furniture and furnishings, will entirely depend upon the theme of the room and your aesthetics. Here are the different styles you should consider before heading out. Check out expatliving.sg – best furniture in Singapore for a comprehensive list of places where you can shop.

Scandinavian – simple and chic tables, armchairs and wardrobes at pocket-friendly prices characterize Scandinavian furniture shops in Singapore. Check out teak furniture for durability and beauty.

Luxury – if you are looking for accent furniture that is both premium and ornate, you should check out Singapore’s luxury furniture districts. You can go for leather couches, two-seaters, love seats and a lot more as long as you have the budget.

Indonesian – Indonesian furniture is mainly bamboo or teak that has an ethnic touch. It is perfect for the tropical nook you want to create in your home. Tons of natural furniture keep your home eco-friendly and sustainable for years to come.

Contemporary – modern and minimalist furniture is the top grosser is Singapore homes. Sleek dining tables with picture-perfect chairs around it or minimalist storage cum stool options in reclaimed wood are the best shots for the budget-friendly home decorator.

3. Online stores

If you don’t want to stick to a particular style, shopping online is your best bet. You can go with multi-style furnishing options that will offer you lucrative discounts. Most of the renowned furniture and furnishing stores in Singapore have an online presence. You should check the online stores out before you head out shopping into one of the furniture districts of SG.

Shopping for new furniture is Singapore is incredibly fun. It can help you turn your new apartment or house into a loving home in no time. You won’t even have to break your savings account to transform your home into a nook of luxury!