10 tips for your garden solar light batteries

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The world is slowly adopting renewable energy as the fight against global warming intensifies around the world. One of the renewable energies adopted is solar energy. The invention of solar power conversion and utilization mechanisms has received immense acceptance.

One of the solar energy utilization is garden solar lights. These are a type of outdoor lighting system that uses solar cells. These solar cells convert sunlight into electricity to power the lights. Since the garden solar lights light up at night, when the sun has gone down, they are fitted with batteries that help store the energy and release it at night. Different manufacturers use different garden solar batteries such as; lead-acid batteries, sealed lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium and lithium batteries.

The Garden Solar Light Battery Type

Solar light batteries are of different types. Some of the common types include;

  1. Nickel Cadmium Batteries – they rate at 1.2V with 500 to 900 mA. They have been deemed the best batteries for solar garden lights. They need careful disposal since they emit harmful toxins.
  2. Nickel Metal Hydride batteries – they have a 1300mAh and come with a one-year warranty. It lasts long and has a high versatility. It has a charge cycle limitation.
  3. Lithium Batteries – are a great choice considering they are readily available in the market. solar lithium batteries are more sustainable and require less maintenance compared to other batteries. They have 800 charge cycles.
  4. Lithium-Ion Phosphate Batteries – they are affordable and can last up to 12 years. They are able to withstand high temperatures and provide optimum functionality.

The Garden Solar Light Battery Lifespan

The different batteries have a different lifespan. Since we all need something that will last, it’s good to consider the lifespan factor. Some battery types can last as little as one year while others can last up to 12 years. Some batteries also have a charge cycle limitation. Understanding this before purchase eliminates the after-purchase frustration.

The Garden Solar Light Battery Replacement

When replacing the garden solar battery, it’s good to consider the size of the battery. Every solar light uses a specific size of battery; either AA or AAA. Getting the wrong may impact its functionality. The other thing to consider is lifespan. Ensure you get value for money by getting something that will last longer.

The Garden Solar Light Battery Placement

It’s advisable to read and understand the manufacturer’s manual before touching an appliance. Similarly, read and understand the user manual before replacing a battery. This is because wrong placement may result in short-circuiting causing the light to spoil. If you feel it’s very complicated, call a technician to help replace the battery.

The Garden Solar Light Battery Disposal

Read the instruction on how to dispose of a battery after it has been removed from solar lighting. The information helps prevent pollution of the atmosphere or the soil by toxic chemicals from the battery. Some batteries emit toxic chemicals that can be poisonous and hence require careful disposal.

The Garden Solar Light Battery Recharge

The garden solar light gathers energy from the sunlight, converts it into electricity and stores it in a battery for later use. If it does not collect enough sunlight during the day, the battery charge will be affected. Always ensure the sunlight reaches the panel in adequate quantities for maximum input and later output.

The Garden Solar Light Battery Cost

The price of garden solar lighting is determined by factors such as the size of the battery. For instance, an AA battery may be expensive compared to an AAA battery. The capacity also plays a role in the pricing. The model and the manufacturer also attend to have an impact on the price. Last on the list of factors affecting the battery price is the type of battery.

The Garden Solar Light Battery Clean And Dry

Since the garden solar light stays outside, sometimes the battery may gather dust and water. This may affect its overall performance and sometimes damage the battery. To protect the battery, ensure to dust off any accumulated dust. This could be done at least once a week. Ensure the battery sits in a clean dry place at all times.

Have A Spare Garden Solar Light Battery

Some manufacturers will pack an extra battery to replace the current one when it wears off. This culture needs to be adopted by everyone who owns a garden solar light. This is because it reduces the hustle of going out every time to buy a replacement battery

The Garden Solar Light Battery Size

There are different garden solar light battery sizes. This is determined by the solar garden light manufacturer. The sizes are AA size which has a height of 50.5mm and a 14.5mm diameter. The other size is AAA whose height is 44.5mm and 10.5mm in diameter. The AAA are slimmer than the AA rechargeable batteries. The battery capacities of 1.2v for the NiCd or the NiMH rechargeable batteries.

In Summary

Garden solar lights can be a great accessory to the garden when properly used. Good and well-maintained batteries can go a long way in increasing their productivity and lifespan. By deploying simple maintenance routing and care practices we can avoid some common problems like untimely power-offs.