10 useful things for cleaning gutters more effectively

gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning really seems to be a simple task. But you can’t just take the plunge without any preparation or planning and hope to get it done efficiently. You must do your own research in order to determine the supplies that are truly essential. If you don’t want to go down the DIY route, you could consider calling a professional company such as Gutter Cleaning Richmond instead. With that said, let’s take a look at equipment you’ll need to keep your gutters in top shape.

Consider the following checklist to get you started with a gutter adventure:

  • Gloves. While touching the gutters, you may experiences cuts and scrapes in your skin. These are caused by the sharp edges and debris present in gutters. While cleaning the inner side of gutters, it’s always advisable that you wear a good quality pair of gloves such as Unigloves for protecting your hands.
  • Bags. Experts prefer the use of contractor or outdoor bags. They are helpful as the gutters are often filled with sharp objects and twigs. These objects find it easier to create holes within the tender bags.
  • Goggles. A certain degree of irritation may be caused to your eyes due to the presence of pollen or other substances. That’s why it’s always essential for you to take certain precautionary steps. A few bags may even be stirred up if you have water settle in the gutters.
  • Shoes. You’ll either be standing on the roof or on a ladder during gutter cleaning. You must ensure a firm grip with your footwear while you’re standing on irregular surfaces. A flat soul may develop the
    risk of slipping and falling off the roof.
  • Insect spray. Gutter cleaning often proves to be miserable experience due to the presence of flies, mosquitoes and a few other insects. While going outside, you may choose to apply a decent coat of repellents.
  • Sunscreen. Sunburn may even be developed to cause problems, especially when you’re exposed to sunlight for a long duration. It’s a good thing to apply sunscreen in advance. Check if you have any sweat-proof product at home.
  • Scooping tool. The plastic spade that you use for cleaning your garden may be a good option when it comes to scooping muck and dirty objects from your gutters. You may create a gutter scooper simply by
    cutting the bottom of any jug that you have at home.
  • Ladder. Chances are there that your extension ladder may get buckled while you’re leaning backward. While placing your body against the gutters, a freestanding ladder proves less risky. Prior to
    climbing your ladder, you’ll need to ensure that it’s properly anchored and balanced.
  • Sealant. You may prevent any gutter leakage by applying a bit of sealant on the cracks and holes that you come across. The gutter has to be replaced entirely in case these cracks and holes tend to prove larger than usual.
  • Screwdriver. It would be of great help if you get a screwdriver while cleaning the gutters. It will let you tighten all fasteners and screws that have turned loose.

Water has to be sprayed through your gutters in order to remove tough stains that you find hard to brush away. That’s why it’s advisable that you keep the gutter cleaned all the year round and avoid all of the hassles.


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