Leave no stone unturned when making your garden wildlife friendly


If you want to share your garden with a host of different species of wildlife then you must make it a friendly place for them to visit. You must make it a haven for them. You must make it a place where they can escape the plights of the natural world. Most importantly, you need to make it safe for them. If an animal knows it isn’t safe in your garden, for whatever reason, it will not come back. Below are some tips on how you can make your garden as wildlife friendly as possible.

Top image via Flickr

If it’s birds that you are seeking to invite into your garden then rest assured there are plenty of ways to do so. One way is to provide them with easy access to their feed. By allowing birds an easy way to get their grub they are going to take an instant liking to your garden. To save them the hassle of having to go out and look for worms you could stuff mealworms and fat into coconut shells that you hang up. When feeding birds it is imperative you feed them the right things, and fresh coconuts are an example of such. Desiccated coconuts, however, will swell inside their stomachs and lead to devastating consequences for them.

But being kind to wildlife isn’t all about bringing things into your garden, it’s about making sure the things that are already in it are as safe as can be. If you have any stumps in your garden that you don’t want you need to choose the right course of action to get rid of them. To protect the wildlife in your garden you should refrain from chemical stump removal. Similarly, if you already have a pond it is imperative that you choose one out of the huge range of pond filters available that is going to keep your specific pond clean, clear and healthy. Ponds come in all shapes and sizes and play host to a host of different wildlife. Because of this you need to make yours as good a habitat as possible for whatever takes it as its home. To do so you should most certainly brush up on your pond knowledge and remember that it’s not just marine wildlife that will use it. Some filters may only make the water healthy below the surface but not necessarily on top of it. If your pond is adorned with green algae this can be detrimental to animals that drink from it, whether that be a cat, dog or bird. To combat this plight you should seek to introduce a UV steriliser. This will kill the green algae and make it easier for the filter to deal with it. In doing so you are not only protecting the fish that swim in your pond but also the animals that drink from it.


So, when trying to be as kind as possible to the wildlife in your garden you should leave no stone unturned. You should do all you can to make it as safe, comfortable and prosperous for them as possible.