3 ways to enhance your garage floor

garage floor

Garage floors take a beating. They are subjected to spills of oil and other fluids. They have to withhold the weight of vehicles and lawn equipment. You may notice that your floor has pits or cracks that you want to repair. Maybe you just want to improve the look or longevity of your floor. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can improve your garage floor.


Let’s start with painting your garage floor. You’re probably familiar with paint. It is as easy as it sounds. You will want to choose a paint that is appropriate for your garage floor. Latex paint for concrete floors is your best bet. Before you start painting, take a look at your floor. If there are pits or cracks, you should repair them. If you are a newbie, don’t worry. This isn’t as challenging as it sounds. When your floor is prepped, you will use a roller and paint the floor like you would a wall. Start with the corners and work your way out. Paint has a much shorter life span than other flooring options. Paint will start chipping after a few months, but it is easy to apply and inexpensive.


Epoxy will seem very much like paint. You will prep the floor the same way and even apply it with a roller, like paint. It is not paint, however. Epoxy is more expensive, but will last much, much longer. It is made to repel most fluids and is strong enough to withstand vehicle weights and high traffic.

Floor Coverings

If you don’t feel up to the challenge of repairing pits and cracks of the concrete and then applying the coatings, tiles and mats are the way to go. These are very simple to install and a great DIY project. There are a few types. You can choose a mat that rolls over the floor, like a rug or your other option is to install tiles. The tiles can be plastic or rubber. When your are choosing the type, consider the use of the garage. The flooring may need to be strong enough to withstand the weight of vehicles and chemicals, like oil.  To Install the flooring, first, remove everything from garage floor. If you’ve chosen a mat you will simply roll it out. If you’ve chosen tiles, piece them together.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to redo your garage floor, this is the perfect time to work on garage organization . Since your garage is empty to work on the floor, this is a great time to add cabinets and shelves. When it’s time to move everything back into the garage, everything will have its own place, that is well organized, and will look much better.


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