4 important questions to ask before taking out a second mortgage


There’s no doubt that second mortgages are excellent choices for many homeowners. As great as this option happens to be, it may or may not be right for you. Before you begin to talk with lenders, it makes sense to ask yourself a few important questions. Depending on the answers, you will know if seeking this type of mortgage is really in your best interests.

What Will You Do With the Money?

There are all sorts of things that can be done with second mortgages. Some people use them to consolidate other debts and reorganize their finances so they end up saving money in the long run. Others want to make home improvements that ultimately increase the market values of their properties.

Always have a specific purpose in mind for the money before you attempt to secure the mortgage. It also helps to know how much cash you need to achieve your goal. Be specific and don’t borrow more than you need just because you can. That will make it easier to accomplish your goal and be positioned to pay off the debt sooner rather than later.

What Sort of Terms Can You Get Right Now?

As with any type of loan arrangement, lenders who offer second mortgages will base the terms and conditions on the state of your finances.  What is your current debt to income ratio? How’s the credit score? Do you have a reasonable amount of equity in your home? What sort of security can you pledge for the life of the loan?

Depending on your current financial situation, it might be a good idea to wait a year or two before taking out a second mortgage. That will give you time to pay off some debt, possibly get a raise at work, and in general do things that help to improve your credit score. All these efforts will help you receive more competitive terms and conditions, and save money over the life of the mortgage.

How Will the Mortgage Payment Fit in You Budget?


Being able to obtain a second mortgage is one thing. Having a plan for fitting the payment into your budget is another. Before you contact lenders to talk about London second mortgages, know exactly how you will go about fitting the payment in your monthly budget. Whether your plan involves setting aside a potion of the funds out of two or three weekly paychecks or taking the entire payment out of one week’s salary or wages, work out the specifics and make sure they will allow you to stay current on all your other obligations.

Is There a Better Way to Accomplish Your Goal?

A second mortgage is often the right choice. At other times, using some other solution will allow you to achieve your goal. Take a good look at your present circumstances and be open to considering other approaches to securing the funds needed. If one of them will work better than the mortgage, try that option first.

Remember that all financial tools must be used properly in order to enjoy the greatest benefits. If a second mortgage is the best choice, manage it responsibly. Along with saving money along the way, you will also create a relationship with the lender that could come in handy in the future.