Top 4 reasons you should remodel your basement now


For years, the basement has been the place where you store anything that is not currently being used. Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of the clutter and be able to use the basement for something more practical? Now is the time to call a contractor and start making plans for a complete basement remodel. Here are four of the most important reasons why you should get started today.

Protecting the Value and Structural Integrity of Your Home

You may not realize what an impact the basement has on the market value of your home. Perhaps that’s not important right now since you plan on living there for at least another decade or longer. Even so, now is the time to think about basement remodelling in Etobicoke and what it does to protect your home.

Think of it this way. A basement that is not properly sealed and maintained is subject to break down over time. That can have an adverse effect on the foundation and the support structure for the home. By contrast, a finished basement is sealed and generally kept in great shape. Along with the fact prospective buyers will find a finished basement appealing, the effort also alleviates structural stress on the rest of the home and ensures its sound.

Healthier for Your Family

Did you know how easy it is for mold and mildew to proliferate in a basement? When it’s not finished and properly sealed, the health threat to your family is significant. That’s because mold spores can spread to the rest of the house with ease. Whether it’s because the mold gets into the heating and cooling duct work or travels to the upper floors on the heels of shoes, the presence of that mold increases the risk of respiratory ailments.

By having the basement finished and properly kept up, you prevent the mold and mildew from developing. That in turn means one less potential health issue for you and your family.

More Living Space to Enjoy

What could you do with one more room? Finished basements can serve as home offices, spare bedrooms, dens, and just about anything else you can imagine. Instead of having to build outward, you can have more space by making better use of something that is already in place. A Richmond Hill basement contractor can help you come up with a plan and ensure the basement is fit for whatever purpose you have in mind.


Greater Control of Energy Consumption

Did you know that a finished basement has better insulation and is free of tiny cracks that allow air seepage? That’s important since the temperature and humidity in the basement can affect the rest of the house. Once you have the basement finished, it will no longer create additional issues overhead and less energy is needed to keep the rest of the house at a comfortable temperature.

Why wait any longer? Call a professional today and have the basement inspected. Talk about options for insulation, wall covering, sealing the floor and the type of design elements that would make it into functional space. Once the work is done, you’ll wonder why the basement was not renovated years ago.