4 important signs that you need to change the filter in your water cooler

water cooler

Having a water cooler at home or at the office is a great way to ensure you always have a steady supply of drinking water. Along with maintaining the cooler properly, there is also the need to know when to change the filter. While the manufacturer recommendations are helpful, remember they are based on average conditions and may or may not be applicable in your case. Here are four signs that indicate the time to replace the filter is now.

There’s a Faint Scent to the Water

The water looks fine, but you notice there is a slight aroma as you lift the glass for a drink. That’s a strong indication that the filter is no longer removing all the elements that it did previously. The problem is likely that the filter is beginning to clog and cannot provide the same level of efficiency that it did in the past. If you choose to replace the filter now, the scent will go away.


You Can Taste a Difference

One of the reasons you began looking at a water filter & cooler in the first place was the fact that the water straight out of the tap had an unpleasant taste. The last thing you want to do is end up having the same issue with the water in your cooler.

As the filter nears the end of its useful life, it will no longer remove all the residue found in the water. That means the taste of the water will be altered. Whether you plan on using the water for drinking, making tea, or cooking, that taste will still be present. The only way to get rid of it is to change the filter.

water cooler

There’s Sediment in the Water

You haven’t noticed a change in the taste or the smell of the water, but something is definitely going on. As you look at the glass, you notice tiny particles floating in the water. They slowly settle to the bottom. What you have is a problem with sediment.

water filter that is functioning properly captures those particles and prevents them from ending up in your glass. Take the presence of the sediment as a cue to invest in a new filter.

The Water Has a Slight Tint

You haven’t noticed any changes in odor, taste, or the presence of particles in the water. What you do see is that the water seems to have a slight tint. In spite of the clarity, the tint is a good reason to have the filter changed. Either it’s defective or it is now so clogged that something is getting through.

Enjoying a glass of water that’s fresh is one of life’s little pleasures. For people who tend to drink more water and less of other liquids, it pays to ensure the cooler is always dispensing a product that tastes great and is free of any type of contaminants. Take a good look at the water emerging from your cooler today. If anything is out of the ordinary, take that as a sign to change the filter now rather than later.