4 simple landscaping tips to add value to your house before you sell


First impressions count and this rule couldn’t be more important when trying to sell your home.

One of the first things potential buyers see when they pull up to your property is the design and layout of your landscape.

A neat tidy well maintained landscape massively increases the overall look and feel of the whole property therefore increasing the likelihood to sell your home faster and for a higher price.

Remember if you’re going to carry out any work yourself make sure you have the correct safety gear including the best gardening boots and safety work wear.

Here we are going to list the 4 top ways you can personally add value to your property without breaking the bank.

1. Only Plant 2-3 species of large plants or trees

Having less plant species makes your front lawn look uniform and neat. It also helps keeps maintenance down as the same plants will need the same amount of caring for e.g watering, pruning, and soil types.

2. Clean up lose/ fallen debris

Clean up all dead leaves and branches from around the base of trees and especially the lawn. This may seem obvious but it’s something people fail to do time and time again. Cleaning up fallen leaves, sticks and branches dramatically increases the overall cleanliness of the property. We know that takes consistent work so remember to do a little bit each day and remember to get everything off the ground before a property inspection.

3. Replace dead grass

When potential buyers turn up it’s going to look bad if there’s large patches areas of dead or brown grass, what is worse is if all the grass is so dead it looks like a desert.

Before you commit to replacing dead grass make sure you have given your lawn the correct watering and fertilisers for at least 2-3 weeks to help revive and bring life back to it. This is going to take some forethought so if you’re thinking of selling your place soon start attending to your lawn sooner rather than leaving it to the last minute.

Replacing large sections of grass can be quite expensive so do everything you can to bringing some greenery back before laying new turf.

If you do have to replace it, make sure you shop around several different planting nurseries to find the best prices.

We’ve noticed that prices and delivery costs can vary greatly. Also be on the lookout for cheaper priced species of grass. For example Kikuyu can be as cheap as half the price of other such species such as Buffalo grass.

4. Tidying up bare earth patches by Mulching and Weeding

You’ve planted a limited number of species, cleaned up the all dead debris from the lawn and surrounds and your grass is looking greener than ever now it’s time to make those bare exposed soil patches under your plants and trees look neat and tidy.

First you must weed all these patches thoroughly. The best way to so this is too manually hand pick all the weeds and remember to pull the roots too.

We understand this can be a very labours job if you have a huge front yard or your haven’t weeded in some time and now they’re out of control. A quicker way to do this is to use weed spray. Weed spray is not only toxic to plants and weeds but humans too so again remember to use the correct protective equipment including face masks, protective boots and long sleeve pants and shirts to cover all exposed skin as toxins may seep into the skin and cause skin irritations and health problems.

Once you’ve effectively removed all the weeds from the bare soil patches it’s time to mulch. Mulching can will help to stop the weeds from returning and also give a neater and tidier look to the landscape. Try and choose a colour that will compliment the colour complexions of your plant type and house colour.

Putting some extra care into your homes garden and then keeping it well manicured will give it an overall neater feel and add value to the property if you’re about to sell.

Make sure you get the work done before the real estate agent comes around to take photos for putting your place online as well. This will help it stand out from others in the online market.