4 tips for letting your style shine in your landscape


With the warm weather, leaves are unfolding and flowers are beginning to poke their heads back out of the dirt. It’s a time to go outside and breathe in the beauty of nature as often as you can, so of course, your yard is ready for a good spring overhaul that will allow you to have the space and relaxation you need close at hand.

Designing and building your landscape can be arduous, and with so much physical labor, it’s easy to let the fun seep out of the task. No longer are you imagining a nap under the trees in mid-July–because you’re dripping sweat under the beating sun right now.

The real trick is to create not just a space which you groomed as quickly as possible so you could get it over with, but rather a space that reflects your personality and style. With each accomplishment, you’ll be able to see your vision come to life and the yard before you feel like an extension of yourself. Let these four things help guide you in planning out the haven that oh so perfectly says ‘you’.

Plant Choice

The place our minds tend to go first is actually the piece that will be installed nearly at the end of a yard project, but it’s definitely helpful to start looking at what types of vegetation you want to plant.

How can plants emulate your style in the yard? It’s exciting to think about bringing a collection of our favorite plants together, but you can get even more creative by pairing those with complementary plants you hadn’t thought of. Do their colors highlight one another? Their scents mix in the air in a mesmerizing way?

Take the opportunity to make a preliminary list of plants you’d like to see, then visit a nursery or garden or two so you can get further ideas and ask questions of those who work with balancing plant life every day. When you’re through, you might be surprised at the combination you’ve come up with while also being sure it couldn’t be any more perfect.


It’s not required for your outdoor space to have a large feature, but they can really make all the difference in making your yard both functional and reflective of your tastes.

Fountains, ponds, and waterfalls don’t have to be placed in the middle of everything, taking up too much space and making too much noise just to look pretty. Arbors can be tucked into corners, and water systems can be engineered to work with the little ecosystem you are creating.

Less invasive features can be incorporated in the forms of strategically placed benches under trees that will grow to provide lots of shade or cozy alcoves to provide privacy and footbridges to offer an overview of your lovely garden.


The way you lay out your plants and other features can determine how calm, energetic, or curious your yard and garden areas are. Are you a narrow, weaving path kind of person, or do you prefer oasis-like planters that you can wander among aimlessly? Whatever idea you might think is too outside the box can still lead to great insights to how the layout ends up.

And if your heart is set on that outside-the-box idea? Landscaping professionals can even help with the heavy lifting of leveling uneven earth and designing the hardscaping features you dream of to fit right into the space you have.

Ifyardbutler.com is a great resource for finding out exactly what kinds of pathways and planter beds you really want to include, and it’s never a bad idea to have an expert in your network for questions or ideas that pop up later.


Have fun picking out the materials you’ll build into your framework. This is where you can really let your indoor styles put a foot into the outdoors. The edging on your planters can be brightly painted brick or smooth, rippling cement. Are you more into whimsically shaped metals or squared and solid wood pieces?

Your materials will range from the trimming on your favorite features, like covering your planter beds with bark or stone, to the small details of your patio setup, like chimes in the eaves of the roof or a birdhouse built into your deck post. Dress everything to the nines or take a minimalistic approach; there is no wrong answer to setting the scene in a way that makes you feel right at home.

And remember, when it comes to choosing the furniture and decor that will adorn your new space, you will want something durable and comfortable. Take into account how extreme the elements are in your area and how much time you’ll spend outdoors and for what purpose. The answers to these questions will guide you toward the right timeless pieces while still being true to your vision.