4 tips for making your house pet-friendly

making your home pet friendly

Whether you are a pet owner or welcoming your first furry friend, pets make great companions! Not only they make our lives much happier and healthier, but they also play therapeutic roles and affect the quality of our lives.

The bad news?

While you cuddle with your pet all the time, cleaning the leftover mess can be extremely challenging!

Imagine your house with a giant puddle of drool, stinky rooms, pet’s feces in the corners, urine stains, and balls of hair on the bed and couch. This can leave you cleaning your house all day.

Worried? Well, don’t be! If you have been feeling waking up in fur all around, we have created a list of things you need to follow to have all the benefits of your cuddly friend.

Give Your Pet a Thorough Bath

They might look clean, but you will see a world of difference once you start bathing them a little more regularly. Dirty pets can create a mess, not just shedding fur, but leaving scruffy surfaces by rubbing up against doorways, and side of the sofa.

While you should avoid using shampoo too often, a gentle wash with plain water is sufficient. You should follow up on this routine by giving a grooming session to reduce allergens from your pet’s fluff. Keep damp pets confined to specific areas like laundry rooms to avoid further mess.

Watch Your Furniture

Certain sofa materials are more likely to attract pet hair, hold undesirable smells, and easily show up stains. If you didn’t push your pet off the sofa, it would be better to upgrade it. While looking for a new sofa, pick leather or any other easy-to-clean material in the shade similar to your pet.

However, if you are confined to the budget, you can consider furniture rentals and pick the best design that matches your room’s theme.

Keep All Your Pet-Related Cleaning Essentials

Having the right cleaning tools is crucial when you have a pet. You don’t need a huge bucket of tools, but keeping a few is a must to get the job done easier and quicker. For instance, pet grooming tools, wipes, pet towels, ear cleaning pads, freshening sprays will help you clean your pet in the first place.

On the other hand, a lint roller will help you to eliminate fur from your furniture and bedding quickly. Considering a pet litter box, a scoop and plastic liners will help you to keep it clean and easy to dump when required.  Also, you can use a mat near the box to pick any loose litter and avoid it from being spread all over the house.

Do Not Forget To Do the Chores

You might not realize, but it is one of those things which can get pretty gross. For instance, your pet’s dishes, those little paws, and keeping up with the laundry are some crucial reminders.

It always feels great to go for a walk with your four-legged friend, but you may invite a shabby surprise if it is a little muddier outside. Not just floors, but imagine the muddy prints on the rugs, furniture, and walls that can come in contact with pets in seconds. Make a habit of cleaning their paws immediately after a walk.

Even if your pet is well-behaved, the hair tends to just float through the air and land in about every nook and cranny in your home. Make a practice of cleaning your laundry on a daily basis to avoid collecting a pile of throws, sheets, jeans, towels, and T-shirts.


Be ready with a system to deal with little things and avoid too big of a hassle. It might sound a lot of work, but the precious moments with your cuddly friend will surpass all the flaws!