Top 5 best DIY ideas for your dog

dog ideas

For anyone who truly loves to be creative and make their crafts and DIY – dogs are often one of the best excuses to go ahead and actually start making something that is not only fun and engaging to build but more importantly something that is usable and actually practical for your dog to use

4 tips for making your house pet-friendly

making your home pet friendly

Whether you are a pet owner or welcoming your first furry friend, pets make great companions! Not only they make our lives much happier and healthier, but they also play therapeutic roles and affect the quality of our lives. The bad news? While you cuddle with your pet all the time, cleaning the leftover mess

5 easy steps for creating a room for your dog

dog room

Leaving your dog alone in the house while you go to work can be a heartbreaking scene every morning. The cute yelps added with the puppy eyes can make you question whether they can survive on their own or not. However, fear not, your dog can handle themselves just fine. And fortunately for you, we’re

Tips for camping with dogs

camping with dogs

1. Introduction The time when household dogs were called “pets” is long past. Not only have household dogs become as beloved as children in the modern world, but stray and abandoned dogs are viewed some way abandoned and orphaned children are viewed. Similarly, when people are going on vacation, extra care is given to the

Everything great about invisible dog fences & how to use them

invisible dog fence

Are you a dog owner with a love for gardening? Does your dog have a Ph.D. in digging and escaping? And are you constantly worried about your dog digging a hole to China? If any of the answers to those questions are a “Yes”, then you’ve come to the right place! We all know dogs

How to keep a pet-friendly home clean & odor Free

pet friendly home

Even though pets bring such joy to our lives, they can bring a few negative aspects to your home. The dander, pet hair, and odor that comes along with the wonderful life of owning a pet can sometimes be a real downer—especially in your home. Especially if you have more than one pet in your

Common flowers and plants which are poisonous for cats and dogs


In the long days of summer, we all want to enjoy relaxing in our beautiful gardens or walking through blooming meadows. The colours and smells don’t only serve to attract us, but birds and insects which add to the allure. Consequently, all these attractive sights, sounds and smells are as thrilling for our pet cats

How to build your own hen house for your garden


For most people, keeping chickens is more than the convenience of having fresh free-range eggs delivered daily for free. Having chickens can be a step towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle, a generally healthier diet and a greater connection with nature. Many people think of their chickens as pets and develop a close attachment to the

6 ways to make your patio more pet-friendly

pet friendly garden

Having a beautiful yard can be challenging when you have pets you share it with, particularly dogs. By setting aside a little time to make your patio more pet-friendly, you can make your yard into a zone both of you can appreciate and get the most of. Below are 6 ways to make your patio

A guide to pet friendly gardening

pet friendly gardening

According to a recent survey of 2,000 pet owners, 8% of dogs and cats have eaten a poisonous garden plant, and 43% of those needed urgent medical care afterwards. If you love your pet as much as your garden, it’s important to take proper precautions to protect them from potentially harmful plants & flowers. Check