5 easy steps for creating a room for your dog

dog room

Leaving your dog alone in the house while you go to work can be a heartbreaking scene every morning. The cute yelps added with the puppy eyes can make you question whether they can survive on their own or not.

However, fear not, your dog can handle themselves just fine. And fortunately for you, we’re providing 6 easy steps that will help you create a comfortable, safe and fun room for your dog.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight into how you can create the perfect environment for your furry friend.

1. Choose the Room

First thing you need to do is to choose a room for your dog to stay in. It doesn’t have to be a big room, but it shouldn’t be too small either. You can choose the laundry room, a spare bedroom or even a large walk-in closet.

Some dogs actually prefer a smaller space to dwell in. it could be because they are crate trained for their separation anxiety. However, don’t restrict your dog to just one room. It can develop undesirable behaviors like barking, potty accidents, and chewing.

Make use of a pet gate or playpens for puppies. These can be stashed out of sight, folded up and also placed in different places in the house.

2. Safety Concerns

After you’ve chosen a place for your dog to stay in, your next job is to make that place safe. For older dogs, you don’t need to do much except cleaning up after them.

For the exuberant, young anxious ones you need to dog-proof the environment. For example, store away cleaning materials and food in a separate room or up high in closed cabinet doors.

Hide electrical cords under or behind furniture, remove trash cans or replace them models that are stainless and touch-free. Most importantly, put away your shoes, kids’ toys and other sensitive items that can be broken easily out of reach.

Lastly, keep the temperature at a comfortable level and make sure the smoke alarms are fitted correctly and in place.

3. A Comfy Bed

Dogs, in general, spend most of their time sleeping whenever they find themselves in a comfortable place. That alone should give you an idea about the level of comfort they may need.

If you allow your dogs to lounge on your couch and other furniture then you don’t have to worry about their comfort.

But for those who don’t, a small crate or a spare room with a bed made of comfortable pillows and their favorite blanket is enough. You can look up DIY dogs beds online and make your own too!

Remember to add in their toys and a t-shirt of yours as a reminder of you.

4. Relaxing Surroundings

Mane dog owners like to leave their television on for their dogs. You can do that too if it helps your dog to feel less stressed about your absence. You can put on animal planet and let them entertain themselves.

You can also put on some soothing music or nature sounds to make a relaxing surrounding for your dog. It helps immensely when you live in an apartment.

You’ll receive fewer complaints about your dog when a sound machine can mask their barking throughout your absence.

5. Keep Them Busy

Another thing you can do to keep them distracted while you away give them their mental and physical exercises. That’s right, you don’t need to be present for these exercises to take place.

There are many toys and puzzles you can find in the pet stores that can keep your dog busy also get them to move about. You can fill certain toys with treats which will require them to solve out a simple puzzle.

Place treats in secret places around the house for them to sniff out or leave them with ball toys that they can play with themselves. If you’re a creative person you can make your own treat toys at home.

Of course, their own favorite toys are also a great distraction for them as well.

In Conclusion

We would like to say that dogs don’t really need high-end expensive things. All they need is a safe place for them to feel comfortable in with access to food and water and that’s it.

Then all they have to do is wait for you to come home to them!