Top 5 best DIY ideas for your dog

dog ideas

For anyone who truly loves to be creative and make their crafts and DIY – dogs are often one of the best excuses to go ahead and actually start making something that is not only fun and engaging to build but more importantly something that is usable and actually practical for your dog to use everyday.

Of course, if you like you can make something that is more of a fun project as well but there are plenty of options available that you should start considering. Below I am going to cover some of my favorite options and why you should consider them in the first place.

1. Dog Bed

My first choice is actually a dog bed. Well technically it isn’t really a dog bed but somewhere the bed or the mattress will be placed onto, a base of a bed if you will.

Creating something like this prevents the mattress or whatever you have from moving about the place when the dog is laying on it which often can be an annoyance when the bed is always moved around each night and you have to move it back.

When you make a wooden base this weight keeps everything in place and it makes the dogs sleeping arrangement a lot more modern and fashionable looking. The wood that can be used to build it can also be painted to give it an extra personal touch.

A common problem for me in the past was my dog tended to chew on loss bit of the bed which ended in me buying an chew proof dog bed which was much more tough and durable. While this helped actually building this frame massively reduced my dog trying to bite and tear the bed. I think this was because much less of the bed was exposed especially the seams of the bed, so I assume because my dog couldn’t see it it put him off from biting in the first place – another nice added advantage!

2. Dog Kennel

Unlike the dog bed the dog kennel is more challenging to build and create. Though of course it’s possible to create something truly wonderful.

If you are living in a colder climate and your dog stays outside in the kennel at night its recommended to use thicker wood to build the kennel to allow for more heat and insulation, particularly in the winter.

Also, if the kennel is just for part time use like when you are relaxing outside in the summer less thick wood should be fine for building. Point here is that know what you want to use the kennel for before you start building it and then once you have that figured out you can progress into the actual building part.

3. Dog Bowl Stand

Probably one of the simplest to make but actually useful things is the dog bowl stand.

Creating a dog bowl stand keep the bowls always in place and usually lifts the bowls up off the ground so this often makes eating for your dog easier because he doesn’t have to lean down as much.

Also, these kinds of stands tend to look much more elegant and modern and can really make a kitchen or wherever you place them more fashionable.

4. Dog Leash Holder

A dog leash holder is similar to a car keys holder. In fact it can often be used interchangeably if you prefer.

Basically, all you need is a plank of wood with some hooks to hook on your dog collars and leads etc.

There is much more personalisation here with how you cut the wood and how you varnish it or even add your own customised touch like your dogs names.

5. DIY Pet Food Holder

Here for a custom food holder you have a couple of options either making your own tin or perhaps simply finding a tin that you liked and reusing it for your dog food.

Usually when I do this, I like to find big tins that have a tighter seal so any dog food that is kept inside is kept fresh because of a tight seal.

Of course you could make your own pet food holder with wood with a tight seal but this is more difficult to achieve than either using metal or simply reusing another tin you like and perhaps customizing to your own preference.