4 Tips of Boosting the Efficiency of Solar Panels

solar panels

Solar energy is one of the most sustainable sources of renewable energy. It’s the conversion of solar light into electricity, light being a resource that we will have most of the days. The black solar panels you see on buildings provide power for use in the various activities that people in them do.

Developers who are into conservation of our environment will always hire professionals to install solar panels for powering the buildings. Solar panels have two advantages when installed on a building and they are;

  • Environment Conservation–The help the residents in the buildings to avoid fossil fuels such as cooking gas.
  • Money Saving – After the initial cost of solar panels installation, they dwellers will be enjoy solar power without worries of paying electricity bills.

Solar panels do not work the same way in all areas and under various conditions. There are factors that will affect their efficiency. The good thing is that the following tested and proved tips will help you to improve the efficiency of your solar energy system in your house.

1. Avoid Shady Locations

Shade is the major inhibitor of the performance of a solar panel system. Shade that comes as a result of cloud cover isn’t considered to be an inhibitor because its natural, even though such a day’s yield will be low. The clouds don’t completely block the panels off from the rays of the sun, but any other shade from trees or extended roofing will seriously affect the generation of electricity by the panels.

The internal structure of the solar panels is that they are made of some grouping of cells. Those cells are supposed to receive light uniformly so as to generate maximum electricity power. If any part of the panel is covered by shade, then the production of power by the entire panel will be hampered.

The solution to this is to use installers like SunElec who understand that panels aren’t supposed to be installed where there is infrastructural barriers or branches of trees that will shade the panels.

2. Weather

The conditions of weather in any region can be a determinant factor of how your panels will perform after installation. Hail stones and snow for instance will affect the working of the panels, but won’t stop them completely from generating power.

People living in regions that experience a lot of hail stones and snow have special solar panel products that withstand the conditions. The panels keep heat that is enough to melt off the snow that settles on them. They also are able to withstand the impact of the hail stones because the one inch glass that they are made of is hardened for that reason.

Hot weather also hinders a constant generation of energy through solar panels, because the production depends on the movement of electrons.On hot days, the movement of electrons happens without the need for too much sun, and that means the panels won’t get enough sun to generate the energy they are supposed to.

Cool and sunny weather for that reason is what is required for maximum production of electricity energy by the solar panels.

3. The Orientation

Some installers like 2 RED place panels facing a certain way that can be north or east, a thing that will result to poor orientation that will lead to poor efficiency of the panels.

The orientation basically means the positioning of the solar panel based on the direction it’s supposed to face. They all rely on sunlight and so some positions won’t be the best because they won’t give them optimum sunlight.

SunElec will advise you that whenever you install your solar panels, they should be oriented in a way that they receive maximum sunlight. You hence need to understand the angling of the sun in your region so that you can place the panel where it will receive optimum sunlight throughout the day.

4. Maintenance

Like most other installations, solar panels have their common problems too that result from the natural factors. The congestion of dirt and dust will certainly require you to keep checking on the installations regularly to ensure that they are not clogged.

The clogs will obviously block the cells from receiving the optimum sunlight that they are supposed to get. The dirt will build up over time and the consequence of that is that the panels will produce less and less energy, thus reducing their efficiency.

The solution to that is straight forward. You are simply supposed to clean them from time to time. When you ensure that the plates are always clean, they will in turn be producing the desired amount of energy since there will be no hindrance to make them less efficient.

Bonus tip! – You can rally maximise your savings by doing some online research and switching to the cheapest energy supplier you can find.

When you practice the above and many other solar panel maintenance tips, you will benefit more from your installation and be among the environmental friendly people who embrace green energy.