How to zone various rooms with lighting made by Allen and Roth

Allen & Roth lighting

Lighting designed by Allen and Roth (a brand made by Lowe’s) provide an excellent way to organize the desirable lighting glow that will transform the entire area of your home. While the brand gives you plenty of options that make zoning your lighting easy, here are some of the important steps and tips you should consider.

First of all, you need to know the kind of light option each room requires. There are basically two rules you may want to consider:

  1. Firstly, you need to create a mix of different light sources in order to produce a flattering ambiance;
  2. Secondly you must provide sufficient lighting source for appropriate tasks such as reading, dining, and getting dressed.

Now, let’s take a look at each room in particular.

Allen & Roth lighting

For the living room, you should position the lights in such a way that three out of the four corners are adequately lighted. You may focus one of the lights on a certain object such as a piece of art, chair, or plant. You should also consider the combination of table and floor lamps with some of them providing a downward glow plus some upward shining glow, in order to produce the proper ambiance. You can make use of glowing lamps with different levels of switches especially in places where you read or dress. Allen+Roth Edensley lighting line has both table and floor lamps so you can easily create a coordinated look in your dining room with it.

Allen & Roth lighting

For your dining room, you definitely want to draw everyone in. Hence, you should aim at making the dining table the brightest spot of the room. Positioning a pendant or chandelier above the table will be the best possible way of creating the perfect dining table lighting here. Allen Roth has a large choice of different kinds of chandeliers from elegant to contemporary. Our favorite is the Winnsboro model due to its classical look that blends great with any interior design. For other parts of the room aside from the dining table, you may want to consider indirect light positioning. Such kind of lighting provides a very relaxing and flattering atmosphere. You need to achieve a subtle glow in and around the dining room with some sideboards, or table lamps.

Allen & Roth lighting

For your kitchen, you must focus mainly on overhead lighting. Make sure the overhead lighting is dimmer and then add some lower light sources to illuminate your kitchen workspaces. Allen and Roth Tyslow lights are dimmable and this is a great choice for spot lighting. You may also want to use pendants or under-cabinet lights to achieve much better lighting around those places.

Allen & Roth lighting

For your bedroom, you should try as much as possible to achieve a cozy atmosphere. It is easy to do so with Lenihan table lamps by Allen&Roth. Lamps should be placed directly beside the bed. The light coming from lamps must not point at the bed. If you use recessed or tracked lights beside the bed, you should position them at angles away from it and especially towards the dressing area. You may want to consider using tinted low-wattage bulbs on the reading table inside your bedroom, for a “candlelight” effect.

Allen & Roth lighting

For the bathroom, side lights would be the best option. For an unusual choice, we suggest you to take a look at Vallymede mini glass jar lights by Allen Roth to hang on the sides of the bathroom mirror. In addition to sidelights, you should think of an overhead light to fill in any shadow created on your face and also illuminate the bathroom fully. The Vallymede line has a pendant multi-light that takes 8 bulbs – a great choice for a farm-inspired eclectic bathroom!

There are no limitations to the number of ways you can use Allen+Roth lights, just ensure that you stay creative and do not overdo the design.


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