5 interior trends you can easily add to your home

interior trends

With a new year, new interior design trends emerge. Keeping on trend with interiors can be hard with seasons and styles ever-changing. From kitchen cabinets to flooring, interior trends can be expensive to keep up with, but making your home stylish and on trend can be made easy with these little home add-ons. Stay in style and try adding these trends to your home:

Geometric patterns

geometric rug

Geometric patterns are trending once again this year. Adding a furniture piece such as an armchair or a table would be a great way to incorporate this style into your home, but for those not wanting to dramatically alter their rooms, try adding in a geometric rug, throw or cushion set. These cheap little additions can add some pattern and texture into your rooms without being overwhelming. Geometric patterns don’t just have to be for upholstery either; decorative accents such as candle holders for lamps are a great way to integrate this trend with function.

Terracotta plant pots

terracotta pota

Terracotta is a huge trend this year. Adding warmth and depth to the room, a terracotta piece can add colour and liveliness for interiors. A simple yet quirky way to add this colour to your home is to use plant pots to your advantage. These are very cheap and can be easily purchased at any home & garden store. Adding a few plant pots to your room can add a subtle hint of this on-trend colour without breaking the bank.

Cork coasters

cork coasters

Cork is making a comeback with interiors. This cheap material can make a huge impact to the room by adding warmth and texture to your surroundings. Add this texture into your rooms by creating a DIY coaster. You can purchase cork from a number of arts and crafts shops or buy a cork board and take it apart. Paint your coasters if you want a personal touch or keep them plain. Either way, this is an easy way to add a bit of texture to your home.

Marble accents

marble products

The marble trend came in strong during 2016 and it’s not going anywhere. Real marvel is very expensive but the good news is there are tons of little marble style accents that are easily available. Add this trend to your bathroom by switching out your old toothbrush, soap and candle holders and replacing them with marble products. Adding this trend to little touches like these in the bathroom with add texture and depth to you room with ease.

Green plants

From bright lime greens to deep moss, green is in. Now don’t fear, despite many people thinking green and terracotta are sworn enemies’ but these colours can live in harmony if done right. Why not add greens to your room by adding plants. This brings vibrancy and life to the room at little cost. The subtle clash of colour between the green and terracotta will recharge the room.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate these trends into your interiors, pick and choose the ones you feel most comfortable and start small if you’re not sure. Embrace new trends and step out of your comfort zone.


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