Has your garden survived winter? Here are 4 tips on getting it ready for summer

winter garden tips

As temperature drops and the sun goes into hiding for a few months, the liveliness of your garden becomes at risk to plant damage, broken branches and frost-burned plants. Although the best defence is offence and the best way to help your garden survive winter is preparing your garden through autumn, it can be difficult for most of us. If your garden is looking a bit worse for wear this January, don’t panic, just read these 4 tips for getting it ready for summer.

Start Pruning

Shrubs and trees will bear the brunt of the winter with vulnerability to snow and deep freezes. When it reaches spring these damaged plants will not recover and will break more of the plants. The best way to prevent this is to wait until the temperature rises a little before making clean cuts to remove broken tree or shrub branches. These cuts should be made at the base of where the branch grows out of the trunk. If you have a large garden with bigger, stronger trees, it might be worthwhile to hire a commercial landscaping company or a tree surgeon to do this for you. Completing this step correctly will ensure that your plants are ready to grow vibrantly in the upcoming months to summer.

Feed your Surviving Plants

This is key to ensuring you revitalise your surviving plants in your garden.  Using a garden feed will increase the crop flavour and bright flower blooms. Getting fertiliser in a liquid form will make it easy and convenient to help uplift your garden by stimulating the natural growth process. Ensuring your existing plants are well fed with nutrients will help protect them against any environmental stress that may come in the future.

Consider Replacing Damaged Floor

Depending on the layout of your garden, it may be worth considering new exterior flooring. Replacing part of the green with natural stone flooring can create a beautiful rustic style or modern look for your garden. Taking away some of the damaged and unhealthy grass with floorings such as limestone or decking can add the finishing touch to your garden while adding functionality. Exterior flooring in your garden can extend the space of your home and create a seamless transition between your home and garden. It will bring a feeling of freshness and light to your garden that will survive the winter months with grace for many years to come.

Banish Weeds

Keeping the garden weeds can feel like a never-ending task but there are ways to prevent them. When planting new plants in your garden for summer, always check them for any possible weeds before introducing them into the shrubbery. Using a quality weed killer is also essential here to ensure that you do not waste time and money using lower quality weed killers that could be harming your other plants. Using a professional weed killer will prove to be much for effective and will help your garden become weed-free in the summer months.


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