5 Practical Engraving Ideas For Around The Home

Many people love engraved work. These could be a name on a piece of jewelry or an inspirational quote representing the relationship they share with their partner, child, or other loved ones. But If you are generally a fan of artistic craftsmanship, you’d likely love various kinds of engraving works be it on jewelry, stones, woods, concrete, acrylic, or even metal.

Perhaps you have picked up engraving skills along the way or you just simply love them and won’t mind hiring a professional engraving service, here are five practical engraving ideas for around the home.

Engrave family key holder

Whether you are just learning engraving as a hobby or a pro looking for a fun DIY project around your home, a custom family key holder is one of the most simple engraving ideas you can adopt. Now this one can be in two forms.

You can engrave the names, nicknames, or initials of each member of the family on their key holders. You can also make a back-of-the-door key holder where everyone can hang their keys when they come into the house.

Not only is it a cool way of creating a meeting point for family members, but it’s also a great way of keeping keys safe. You can do this easily with a laser engraver if you can handle one.

Concrete engraving

If you want to jazz things up,  you can pour your artistic/engraving skills on the concrete pavement, stone, or large rocks around your home. Like the doormat, you can engrave the concrete in front of your home with inscriptions like “X’s Residence.”

This idea can also be done on wood, steel, or aluminum material. If you have extra cash to throw, you can employ a professional touch, like The Engraving People if you want something exquisite on your home entrance.

Do some customizing in the kitchen

If your partner does most of the cooking, that means the kitchen is one of her personal spaces. You can inject some engraving action into some of the tools she works with to make things special for her/him when she wants to do her cooking magic.

Examples of the things you can engrave include, the cutting board, cabinet doors. Also, you can engrave a wooden sign at the kitchen entrance with the inscription, “My baby’s cooking world.” As you know, it’s the little things that count in relationships.

Engrave floor mats

Laser engravers can be used to make fancy designs on fabrics of different texture types. Therefore, you can jazz up the entrance of your home with stylish welcome quotes on the doormat for your guests. If you can handle the laser engravers well, you can also throw cute images alongside the welcome quote.

Glass etching

Whether it’s your glass ashtray or drinking tumblers, you can create custom effects on the glass to make them more fanciful or as a nice gift for friends, Father’s Day, or that special person.