5 tips on how to turn your work trip into a vacation


As much as the idea of travelling excites our adrenaline, most of us despise the idea of work trips and outbound tours. However, since travelling makes an essential part of many job roles, here’s an insight into how you can convert your work trip into a happening vacation. Read on.

Pre-Plan Your Tasks

Request your boss for a detailed account of the trip itinerary as well as the objectives. Get all the relevant details about the tasks, chores, and responsibilities that you are supposed to perform during the entire course of the trip. Formulate an elaborate and complete list of all responsibilities.

Categorise the tasks as per the scheme and assign a specific deadline to each task entry. This will help you keep a fair check on your progress and ensure that all tasks are performed without any hassle or inconvenience.

If you are flying to your destination be sure to plan in advance to get the best deal. Budget airlines are better if you only have a limited budget to work with, but hiring a private plane can be surprisingly affordable. You can use this link to calculate private jet cost per hour.

Hail a Public Commute

Try a local cab, metro or tram (whichever is the prime public transport) to get to your work. Public transport is a great way to get a realistic insight into the local and ordinary life of a city and will make you feel as an actual part of it.

Wave at the passerby, say hi to people sitting next to you and pass a smile to random strangers. The experience of travelling through public transport will provide you maximum sightseeing while you are off to perform your job tasks.

Give Your Stay a Homely Feel

If your stay is long and extended, try to opt for a rental accommodation, a room or guest house, rather than staying in a hotel. This will allow you to personalise your space and get rid of homesickness by instilling a homely feel to your space.

You can also make your stay a comfortable and luxury experience by renting whitegoods, necessary furniture and stocking up your personal essentials to ensure that when you return from a long day at work, you will have the comfort of your home even while you are away from home.

Explore the Local Attractions

Do a little research and mark all the local attractions and activities in your list. Check out the local markets, commercial hotspots, recreational facilities and downtown attractions. Indulging yourself in such activities will wash away the work stress and will keep you lively, motivated and happy throughout the course of the stay.

Reserve a Couple of Days for Yourself

Plan and schedule your tasks and distribute them over the course of your stay in such a way that you have a couple of days at the arrival as well as the end of your trip. This will help you get over the jet lag on arrival and allow you a considerable time to make yourself comfortable with the time and geographical change. In addition to that, a couple of days reserved at the end of your stay will help you relax and explore the city, shop around, try local cuisine and try anything that you have not experienced by far.