The ultimate guide to Mendocino County

Mendocino County

Let’s get real. California gets pretty crazy sometimes. In between the hippie vibes of San Francisco and the jaw-dropping splendor of Yosemite, well, you just need a breather. And for that, Mendocino County is perfect. Sitting to the northeast of the state, Mendocino County offers dramatic coastlines, plummeting waterfalls, and redwood groves. There are also

Travel the world without leaving home with these 7 houseplants


How much thought do you put into choosing houseplants? Many of us probably just pick the first one that catches our eye in the garden centre, or go for the one that needs the least watering. But with a little extra thought & planning, you can set a mood and tell a story simply with

5 tips on how to turn your work trip into a vacation


As much as the idea of travelling excites our adrenaline, most of us despise the idea of work trips and outbound tours. However, since travelling makes an essential part of many job roles, here’s an insight into how you can convert your work trip into a happening vacation. Read on. Pre-Plan Your Tasks Request your