5 ways to get rid of pests naturally


Keeping Your Premises Safe Without Chemicals

There are a lot of pest control methods out there. Some are going to work excellent, but leave chemical residue which is bad for your family or employees. Some will turn your world upside-down. What you’re looking for are natural options which do the trick and don’t damage your property. There are many pests, and many natural deterrents. We’ll explore five here.

1. Motion-Sensor Surprise

If you’ve got premises large enough to plant a garden, and you’re near a wilderness area, you might have to deal with deer. You can set up motion sensors that either surprise them with a loud, rapid spray of water from spigots hooked up to the motion sensor, or use something like rapid strobe lights to frighten them away.

This can also work on other nocturnal creatures. Depending on your neighborhood, you can use sound as well; but this may have the unintended side effect of waking you up at night.

2. Mosquitoes Hate Mints, And Need Water

If you plant mint, it’s good for your garden, and mosquitoes don’t like it. They also don’t like citronella and smoke; but smoke probably isn’t going to be your most ideal tactic in discouraging them. Also, be sure you’ve got no standing water anywhere. Mosquitoes leave larvae in water, even as little as a few ounces in a cup.

3. Cucumber, Mint, Vinegar, Lights, Moats, And Cornmeal Ant Options

Ants don’t like cucumber, they don’t like mint, they don’t like vinegar, and illuminating areas where you’ve seen them “marching” can discourage them—provided the lights don’t conform to regular circadian rhythms.

You might also build, say, a moat around areas where ants are apt to appear. If your pets have food the ants seek, clean the floor thoroughly, then put the kibble in a bowl on, say, a metal cookie tray with a slight amount of soapy water. Ants also can’t digest cornmeal, so bait them with that and let them die off. Here’s some information on how to get rid of insects using natural methods.


4. Steel Wool Irritates Rodents

Rats and mice don’t like chewing on steel wool. When you find their holes, use that to stop them up. The little vermin will be made uncomfortable. You might also invest in a cat. You need not necessarily keep the cat around too long, a few months will be enough to dissuade local miscreants for a while. Maybe you’ll borrow a cat from a neighbor or relative for a spell.

5. Mirrors, Scarecrows, And Owls

Woodpeckers don’t like mirrors. Oftentimes these mirrors can be placed where they’re trying to turn the outside of your home into a little woodpecker nest. They’ll think there’s another bird and be on their way. Wooden owls can also scare them off, and if you’ve got a problem with crows in a field, hanging human clothes and a realistic mask on some posts can dissuade them.

6. Pest Free And Environmentally Clean

If you’ve got a history of applying varying pesticides and herbicides, this can actually work against you in terms of property value over time. Perhaps no one will realize you’ve used such methods, but they have a way of being found out. Using natural methods is a better idea.

Finally, generally clean your property. Bodily health transpires from working out and exercise, pest-free properties tend to be well-maintained, cleaned, and refurbished every now and Property value expands when green methods of management are applied again. When you take care of things, they last longer. When you don’t, the pests move in and break things down.