6 benefits to installing fitted wardrobes in your home

If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your home, installing fitted wardrobes could be a great place to start. Here’s a quick guide to some of their main benefits.

Save space in your home

Fitted wardrobes are the best way to make the most of your home’s available storage space. They’re particularly useful in bespoke bedrooms that aren’t perfect squares or rectangles. These are very common in older properties. With that said, they’re also hugely useful in modern homes. They can use every last bit of the available space, leaving nothing to waste.

This means that you can often move items from other parts of your home into your new fitted wardrobes. That usually puts them where they probably should have been to begin with. It definitely clears space in your other storage areas. This means installing fitted wardrobes can make your whole home feel less cluttered.

Create the storage you need

Most people have much the same basic items in their wardrobe. They will, however, generally have them in different ratios. For example, somebody who works in an office will tend to have a lot of formal clothing such as suits and collared shirts. By contrast, somebody who works in a gym will have a lot of workout wear.

Fitted wardrobes can be customised to suit your needs. They can then be updated if your needs change. This means you can always have your storage space optimised for your needs (and wants). It also means that fitted wardrobes can be a real selling point for your home.

Maximise your storage space

This is really the result of the two previous points. Fitted wardrobes utilise all the available space, including space that would otherwise have been wasted. They also use it as effectively as possible (by customising inserts to your exact needs and wants). As a result, they give you the maximum amount of storage in the space available.

Minimise clutter

This again draws off the previous points. The fact that fitted wardrobes use all the available space means that there are no gaps at the top or sides. This means that the items that are inevitably put on top or to the side of regular wardrobes can be hidden behind doors.

Similarly, the fact that inserts can be customised to suit your needs means that it’s much less likely you’ll have clothing without a proper home. What’s more, the nature of fitted wardrobes means that the storage space is easy to access. That means it’s much more likely that people will actually put things away where they are supposed to be.

As a result, bedrooms with fitted wardrobes can appear much more serene (and hence restful) than bedrooms with regular wardrobes.

Make cleaning easy

A benefit of fitted wardrobes that is often overlooked is that they are easy to clean. Because they are fitted there are no gaps that dust (or insects) can get behind. Also, the fact that they are easy to organise means that clothes generally end up where they are meant to go. This makes it much easier to clean interiors.

Improve the look of your room

Because fitted wardrobes are designed specifically for a particular room, they can be used as a design tool. For example, they can highlight the room’s best features or disguise less attractive ones. Even if this is not necessary, they will still play an important role in the room’s overall style and appearance.

Even though fitted wardrobes are built to last many years, they can be updated if you wish. Internally, the inserts can be updated if your taste in clothes changes. Externally, you can update both colours and fittings.

Images Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bettalivinguk/15844503635