6 things you can do in case of sudden water damage

water damage

You return home one day and find puddles of water all over the floor. Yes, you need to switch off all the electricity and cut off the water source at once. But what comes next? It is not advisable to wait for more than 24 hours since water damage leads to severe complications like rotting and molding.

You can contact your local water damage repair service such as Servpro – the leading company for Las Vegas water damage – but while you wait for the experts to arrive, you can take a few necessary precautions to prevent the complication from going out of hand. So, let us have a look at the do-it-yourself tricks.

Replacing damaged wooden fixtures

Wood flooring might get severely warped in case of water damage. Wood rot can lead to severe mold and mildew problems, so it is essential to replace the boards if they are damaged beyond repair. Check the boards and pry them away to dry them and clean thoroughly. Make sure that the pieces have the structural stability to hold on to the weight before putting them back in.

How about sealed floors

Wet carpets and swollen floorboards need checking to make sure that the water hasn’t seeped inside. Trapped moisture underneath causes damp issues even after restoration work. Once you have made sure of the damaged components, how about going for a complete overhaul of the floor by installing ceramics and vinyl that are waterproof?

Replace drywall after measuring it

In the case of drywall water damage, you need to measure it first. Well, here is what our experts have to say; you need a complete overhaul if there are around 3/8 inches of damage including sagging or swelling. Anything lower than that, you need to cut out the damaged portion instead of replacing.

Replacing the external siding

Ice accumulation and roof problems lead to water damage of the siding fixtures. If the water seeps inside the siding, it can cause permanent damage to other vulnerable items. Remove the siding before the experts come in case of severe water damage to prevent water from seeping in. Inspect thoroughly to get a better idea about what to replace and what to dry for re-use.

About caulk and paint

Use caulk and paint to minimize future water damage as they form a protective coating over the structures. Make sure you match the color with the surrounding areas to give it consistency.

And finally, check for insurance

In case of significant water damage, you need to check for the homeowner’s insurance to know what kinds and to what extent of water damage are covered for you. Act fast and claim if your situation matches up to the terms and conditions. A fact; a burst pipe is likely to be insured but not a slow leak due to the negligence of the homeowner.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered water damage, call for your experts. And, act fast as stated earlier.