Fed up of carpet stains? Here are some DIY ways to get rid of them

carpet cleaning

You spruce up your ambiance with the best-looking carpets from the best outlets to make your home worth paying a visit to. The look and feel of your home do matter a lot when it comes to inviting your guests over. Neat ambiance gives your guests a fresh ever feel for them to cherish spending time at your home. Carpets play an important role when it comes to making your home feel a lot better.

Be it the rough and tough nylon carpets or the soft and classy woolen ones, your carpets don’t only make your ambiance neat but also add an essence of beauty to your place. Your choice of carpets depends a lot upon your theme according to which you set up your home. However, the stains add disgust to the look of your carpet. They irritate you to the core, and you don’t feel at ease until you get rid of them.

However, there are plenty of DIY ways to get rid of these nasty stains. You can also find tips on sites like www.carpetcleanershub.com to get a good cleaning. Before doing that, you can try out from the methods given below:


People generally tend to rub the stain quickly as soon as it sticks to your carpet. You should strictly refrain yourselves from doing that. More than doing anything good to the carpet, it rather smudges the stain due to which it spreads more. You should consider blotting the stains using a piece of cotton or cloth which absorbs the pigment and makes the stain lighter.

Club soda

Don’t worry if you accidentally stain your carpet with beer or wine. Club soda is there to help you out. In the previous example when we saw blotting as the better method, using club soda while blotting the stain would be a better option than simply pressing cotton against the stain.

Shaving cream

Yes, your own shaving cream can be your perfect partner in the stain clean-up process. It can help you get rid of the toughest of stains due to its foaming nature. If you end up getting pickles or edibles all over your carpet, you must give shaving cream a try.

Grease-cutting detergents

There are a lot of myths about the hard-to-get-off grease stains. If you have a good approach to the stains, you can get rid of them easier than you think. There are specific grease-cutting detergents which help you in the purpose. Applying them over the stains and washing the carpet out would help you remove the stains completely.

Heat wax

The best way to get rid of a wax stain is to heat the wax up and cleaning it thoroughly. Don’t try to dismantle the stains in another way which might damage the texture of your carpet. You can try ironing your carpet by putting a piece of cloth over the carpet, and you would witness the results.

Thus, getting rid of your stains is not rocket science. It just requires you to be street smart and notice small things which might help you. For any cleaning purposes, you can easily contact the professionals to help you out.