7 practical ways to use that spare room in your house

spare room

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been living in your home for a while now, or moved in only very recently. Sometimes you may have an idea what to do with each room in the house, except for one. That one spare room ends up being a storeroom for all the junk you start keeping there. In the process, you lose a really good room which could have been a lot more.

You do not need to let good space go to waste just because you don’t have the perfect idea for it. In order to help you out, here are some ideas for you to use the spare room in your house, more than just a storeroom.

Study Or Home Office

If you are enthusiastic about your work or study, then the perfect way would be to utilize the room as a study room or a home office. The best part about this idea is that it does not require a lot of furniture too. Just a desk, a shelf, a chair and you’re good to go. But if you want there are always a great number of things that you can add, like a  wooden board for putting up notes and reminders, a whiteboard for your work or even some bean bags or another comfortable chair when you want to just lay back and relax.

Gather up your books, files and work stuff and bring them all to your new office. In this process, you won’t only have an entire place for a more dedicated work or study time, but also find more space in your own bedroom for other items.

Home Theater

Perhaps, the idea of an office seems very boring to you, and you want something a little more exciting. We’ve got the perfect idea for that too! You could use the room as a home theater for yourself! Now you might think that this is a long stretch and making a home theater in your own house would be a really difficult task. But it isn’t.

There are multiple ways to get home theater installation at your own place like this home theatre installation Brisbane has to offer. Most of these services are just one call, or one click away. And they’ll help you turn an empty room into a home theater in absolutely no time.

Not sure what to watch in your new home theater? Check out this guide to cable TV.

Gaming Room

Another way to add a little more life to your spare room would be by turning it into a gaming room. Now, you could do this in two ways. You could either do it for your kids, where you can put in all of their toys, add a few chairs and a small table for them, or maybe even a little kids tent to make it fun for them!

Or it could be for you, more than the kids. You can add a shelf and add to the shelf a range of board and card games that you enjoy indulging in with friends and family. Once again, all you need would be a table, a few chairs, a shelf and an assortment of games that you already own. If you have an extra budget to spare, you could buy an arcade game machine or two to really spice it up.

Guest Bedroom

Do you always have guests visiting and staying over at your place? Are you also tired of setting up bedding and covers for them to sleep or simply giving up your own bed? Well, it’s time you change that. The situation can be made easier by simply turning your spare room into a guest bedroom.

This option, however, maybe a little time consuming as well as expensive. If you have a spare set of furniture that would be enough to furnish a room, then that’s good. But if you don’t then you might have to put in a little investment and purchase all the basic items that one would need in a room, like a bed, side tables, dressing table, and maybe an easy chair too. And with that, you not only provide your guests with greater comfort but also make sure that you don’t have to give up yours.

Walk-In Closet / Dressing Room

If you take your outfits and your fashion glam very seriously, then it’s time you make some extra space for them, and for yourself. A walk-in closet that is as big as a room is perfect for all those who have a great ton of clothing, shoes and other accessories and can never find enough space for all these items.

With just some extra stack of different shelves, some drawers and a dresser with a chair, you will have the perfect dressing room. You will be able to not only assort your belongings better but also have ample of space to dress up and get ready. And again, you’ll be able to empty your own closet for storing other items. Win-win.


Here is a better option for the artist in you. No need to dedicate the space for anyone else. Use it for yourself. As your studio. No matter what form of art you practice, you need to find the comfort and peace to really get in touch with your inner artists. And this spare room could be your haven.

Set up your easel, or your tripod, or whatever other tools and accessories you need for your art. Bring all of your artwork in and set up the room with colors and vibes that you decide for yourself. Such a room would ensure a higher level of motivation and inspiration for yourself.

Or it could be a recording studio for your music. If you are into that, you may already have a lot of the equipment that you need. If not, setting up a recording studio maybe a little more expensive.

Home Gym

And finally the best option for all fitness enthusiasts. In the fast-paced life that we all live, finding the time to go to the gym regularly may not be feasible to all. But what can easily be managed is going home and then from one room to another. This is why setting up a gym at your own home would be greatly beneficial.

Setting up a home gym doesn’t necessarily mean that you gear it with all the fancy machines that you see at the gym. You need to pick out the ones that you usually use for yourself the most, Add a gym mat or two, some weights and oh, not to forget, a music system to keep you going.


Using a spare room is really not that hard. Wasting it as a storeroom may be easy, but getting something good out of it may require nothing but a little sprinkle of creativity. The options and choices are endless. There is so much you can do with an entire room and more than just the idea mentioned above. Dedicate the space to your passion, or make a little room where you can find a little peace for yourself. Either way, you’d be investing in a room that could bring you great joy and peace.