7 ways to make your house a home

make your house a home

A house is a literal concrete building. A home, on the other hand, has a much more personal meaning. This word carries a very strong emotional connotation, a sense of personal connection with a place while the word “house” significantly implies just a neutral feeling.

Most of us probably have a house, whether it is owned or rented. But some of us perhaps feel uncomfortable in our own place. The truth is what we put in our house will make us enjoy or dislike our stay in there thus, making it a “home.” Whether you have a big or just a small residence, your personal choice of style and design is very important. So here are seven helpful ways to transform your house into a home.

1. Make your Decorations Functional

Do not limit your decorations to just being decorations. Some of them can have functions that you can utilize. For example, if you are into cooking, you probably have too many utensils that you hardly use anymore. Try to incorporate them into your kitchen’s design. On the other hand, you can put in use those colorful jars by putting some most used utensils in it. If you have some leftover rocks at your garden, re organize and put those rocks to use as a decoration for your pathway or garden.

2.Make it a Home by Adding Warmth

Adding warmth to your house is important because it will make you feel comfortable after a day full of stress. Wherever you are, you want the relief your bed can give you. Putting blankets and plush rugs to the place where you stay most of the time could be a great help. Comfortable furniture is way better than those cozy but unpleasant ones. When you stay outside at your patio, candles can be a warm addition to your garden.

3. Put Decorations Up Empty Walls

An empty space may sometimes denote empty feelings. Who wants to stare at that cold and empty walls? To spice it up, picture frames with family photos, your children’s artwork, or remembrance and souvenirs from your travel can bring back good memories and can make you smile from time to time.

4. Make your Guest Feel Welcome

You will feel at home in your place best when your close friends and relatives come to visit you. To make them come more often, have a welcoming porch by putting comfortable furniture and beautiful plants so they will feel more relaxed even before they enter your house.

make your house a home

5. Create a Homey-Look

Wanting to spend more time with your house may be caused by its look. To feel more at home you can decorate your place according to your hobbies. Example, if you love photography, maybe old or antic cameras will fit your house the best. Just make sure everything is organized. Moreover, try to put fresh flowers to add life to your place. Instead of buying sets of furniture, you might want to collect different kinds to add personality to your living room. Instead of a boring, dull flooring, opt for wooden floors; there are many wooden floors in the market nowadays that are low maintenance but can withstand daily foot traffic like in your living room and other crowded places in your home.

6.Decorate Every Room with A Distinct Personality

Unless you want an interconnected style of the room, you can try to give each room its own personality. How? You can start off with the color of the walls. Try to put different colors for every room and add the perfect mixture of furniture, fixtures, decorations, and others to it. With this tip, you will not be bored when you are in your house as the rooms have different characters.

7. Stay Comfortable Whatever the Day Presents

After a day of work, you don’t want to feel the heat in your home on a hot summer day, or you might want to avoid being too cold in winter. Having an appropriate HVAC system will allow you to do that. It will allow you to control the temperature and stay relaxed so you will be refreshed and ready to go to work. It will also keep you productive throughout the day.