A guide to carpet cleaning

carpet cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, using a vacuum is the simplest tool available. However, over a while, the fibres in the carpets collect dust, pollutants, termites, and other bugs that not only damage it but due to pest infestation, a dirty carpet poses a health risk too.

As such, once in a while, you must thoroughly clean the carpets, preferably by a professional if you are not sure about the DIY approach. So, in this article, let us find out the various methods that you can employ for the same.

As far as carpet cleaning is concerned, you have the following options that you will find in brief in the paragraphs that follow.

1. Hot Water Extraction (HWE) Method

Also, known as “steam cleaning,” it is not a treatment with steam but rather with hot water. That is because steam can damage the fibres in the carpet or even melt them. The process involves using hot water extraction for removing dirt and dust from the carpets by spraying on it. So, the process is spraying hot water and at the same time, sucking the dust up, thereby removing the dirt since dust particles become loose.

2. Dry carpet cleaning methods

If you want to avoid a damp carpet after the cleaning process, you can opt for the VLM system below.

VLM systems

This method is comparatively new in the market, and if you happen to approach any Brisbane carpet cleaner, you can be sure that they carry out the same process for clients. A combination of dry compounds and appropriate cleaning solutions is used for the purpose.

One of the main benefits of using this method is that you do not have to take the headache of drying the carpets. Unlike hot water where you spray it on the carpet to dislodge the dust particles, in this process, the emulsifying agents help to loosen dirt when sprayed.

One of the main rules for employing this method of carpet cleaning is that you have to make sure that these emulsifying agents must not be present on the carpet for more than 15 minutes. As such, you have to be fast with the process.

3. Encapsulation

In this process, detergent polymer molecules are used so that it attracts the dust particles by binding to them once they react with each other to form crystals. The encapsulation methods that were earlier in use were not effective. However, the latest polymer detergent agents are better and are applied to the carpet with the help of applicators that make the process even more effective.

4. Foam cleaning

If you have a carpet, the fabric of which is susceptible to water, this is perhaps one of the better methods that you can employ. Since the foam is not fully dry, it is used for spraying it on the carpet and instantly vacuuming it out. However, for effective and best results, it is vital that you use the right kind of machine. It is best done by a professional.

Regardless of the method that you are using, the essential aspects that you must keep in mind are that you have to keep in mind the fabric of the carpet, your budget, and how fast you want the work to get over.