A homeowner’s guide to turning a small garden into a paradise

garden paradise

One of the top goals common to people is to have their own home. Though apartments and condominiums are currently trending, many still opts for the suburbs. There is just that special feeling of having a bit of land to work on and beautify, and one of the best ways to do it is to have a garden.

Garden designs vary, and they are primarily determined by the area size you would be working on. However, do not let a limited space hinder you from having that piece of paradise you have always dreamed. Let this guide lead you to that dream.

Start with Garden Furniture

It is rather uncanny to begin without garden furniture. Approach it like this: to enjoy your garden paradise; you have to immerse yourself in it by spending time relaxing in your garden. It would be difficult to relax if you don’t have a place to sit.

  • Bench – find a spot in your garden where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings. This is an excellent spot for a wooden bench. Wooden outdoor benches are more versatile than chairs because you can lie on it or share it with someone.
  • Table – if you love having a drink or a meal surrounded by nature, a wooden table on your garden is perfect for you. You can either have a:
    • Picnic Table – wooden picnic tables are great especially for a family, or a group of friends. It can cater to a lot of things you may want to bring with you aside from food.
    • Personal Table – if a picnic table is too large for your available space, consider a smaller table fit for one or two people.
  • Chairs – occupy less space than benches and can quickly be moved around.
  • Loungers – these are great if you like basking in the sun or snoozing in the shade. It’s an excellent alternative for hammocks.
  • Lighting Decor – continue enjoying your garden after the sun sets by placing decorative lights at strategic locations. You can put it along the garden path or use it as area borders.

garden paradise

Choose your Plants

The plants in your garden is another factor that indicates the type of garden you have. Your choice can reflect who you are, or highlight what you want to achieve. You can have a:

  • Vegetable garden – where you grow an array of vegetables. This is excellent as you know precisely how the plant you would be eating is grown.
  • Flower garden – where you maintain a variety of flower-blooming plants.
  • Spice garden – where you care for several spices that you use for cooking.
  • Speciality garden – this is a type of garden that follows a theme; say a Japanese-inspired one or a tropical garden.

You can also choose to cultivate a specific-plant, like Cherry Tomatoes, Cattleyas, or White Roses. Nurturing one type of plant may be easier compared to several species as your efforts can all be focused instead of having it divided among many breeds.

Organize your Garden

The beauty of a jungle paradise comes from not knowing what to expect or discover. Its natural disarray provides the right facade to bring out various emotions. A garden paradise is a stark contrast. It should elicit a constant feeling of tranquility, order, peace, and relaxation.

To achieve this, you can:

  • Have a plan – layout your garden correctly. Determine where the plots would be and what would be planted in them. Establish paths and locate where your garden furniture or decorations would be placed.
  • Have a water source – make sure that your garden receives an ample amount of water as needed. Some plants may require more water than others; setting up a separate water system, like a drip rig, is recommended. Otherwise, a sprinkler system or a water hose that can deliver water to the entire garden will suffice.
  • Have a storage space – store all your gardening tools in one place, like an outdoor shelf or cabinet, to keep things tidy. Remember to clean and dry them out first before storing them.

Parting Tip

The most important thing to remember if you want to achieve your garden paradise is that you should focus on the garden itself, not on the extra stuff. A lush, healthy, and thriving garden is already a paradise itself, and any decorations would merely be an icing on the cake. Limit the icing, please.