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Outdoor patio covers: What type most closely fits your home?

patio covers

Outdoor patio covers can provide you with the opportunity to enhance the good looks of your outdoor patio while providing enhanced protection to them. At the time of purchasing outdoor patio covers, you will notice that numerous options are available in the market to go ahead with. You must carefully analyze those different options available

Winter-proofing your garden

winter gardening

For those of us who live in a non-tropical setting, winter can wreak havoc on our lawn furniture, gardens, and sense of purpose. Oh no! Is it really that serious? For those garden lovers who live to be outdoors either gardening or enjoying their patio with a lemonade and book in hand, it can be

3 ways to hang a hammock in your garden


Nothing says summer quite like lounging in a hammock in the garden. Setting up a hammock may seem easy at first, but if you’ve found yourself scratching your head in confusion, you’re not alone. Depending on the configuration of your property (as well as your skill level when it comes to handyman construction), there are

Tips for creating the perfect Summer outdoor entertainment space

outdoor entertainment space

Summer can be more than just an opportunity to vacation to the most exotic places. Why wait to vacation when you can build your own private get-away in your backyard. Every year homeowners are searching for ways to bring resort-style ideas to their homes and landscapes. Let’s look at some ways you can do that

How to care for and store your seasonal furniture

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As the seasons change so does the need for selected items of furniture, especially outdoor items. It is important that you protect your outdoor furniture during the winter months from rain, snow or whatever else the elements throw at you. The following four tips provide guidelines on how to best protect, care and store your

4 ways to spruce up your patio

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Keeping your home beautiful and clean is quite the undertaking – this is especially true if you have a patio. There’s a lot to keep in mind if you want to keep it in mint condition at all times, so we’ve compiled a list of some suggestions you can use to spruce up your outdoor

How to choose the right garden furniture

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The right furniture will make you want to spend more quality time in your garden. However, before you run off and invest in multiple pieces, there are several things to consider in making sure you’re purchasing the best furniture for your outdoor space. Size of Your Garden Not all gardens are the same size. Some

Choosing the right garden furniture for spending peaceful evenings

Gardens are symbolic to tranquility, peace and enchantments. They can easily transform your day on any given day as you can relax in your lawn anytime. In fact, spending a bit of time every evening in your garden will give you complete rejuvenation. However, you can’t always go there and lounge on the lush landscape

Arranging your backyard: Things to consider

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With the distressing issues of 2019 prompting us to reconsider our green choices, we have to make the most out of nature by contributing to green spaces and working towards doing our part to save the environment. Urban settings are adapting to the call for green revolution with an added emphasis on renewable energy and

4 tips for replacing outdoor furniture cushions

outdoor furniture cushions

Outdoor cushions are subject to tear and wear over time. Once yours experience wear, it is time to make a replacement. Their fabric weakens and fades due to exposure to the harsh shifting weather conditions. Some also wear out with time due to extensive usage. The cushions can also get dirty over time. One should