Tips for creating the perfect Summer outdoor entertainment space

outdoor entertainment space

Summer can be more than just an opportunity to vacation to the most exotic places. Why wait to vacation when you can build your own private get-away in your backyard. Every year homeowners are searching for ways to bring resort-style ideas to their homes and landscapes. Let’s look at some ways you can do that for yours.

Build a Spacious Deck

The perfect deck all depends on the design of your landscape and budget. If you’re looking for cost efficiency, think about installing a standard hardwood deck vs composite deck. The standard deck design is best for high and inclined areas. Their design varies. Each deck builder has their own style and comes with versatility to meet your needs.

Although they cost more, composite wood flooring last longer, is easy to clean, and resistant to water and insects. Composite wood flooring is ideal for elevated landscapes. Stretch it as far as possible while keeping the beauty of your landscape intact.

Light Up the Landscape with Bistros

A trendy way to light up your deck and patio is using bistro lights. Bistro lighting pairs well with rooftop decks, pool decks, and backyard gardens. Not only is it popular among millennials, many Gen X homeowners use bistro lighting to bring their landscapes and decks to twilight. Check out different designs to get inspired.

Use Cost-Efficient Fencing to Maintain Privacy

Fencing is one way to maximize the privacy in your yard, whether it be the front yard or backyard of your home. Plant-based fencing is utilizing large trees and large shrubs to cover the line of sight of your landscape. Overtime, the height and width of these plants will create a natural wall that canopies your landscape from being seen.

The alternative is the standard fencing solution which involves installing wooden or vinyl fencing around your landscape. To curve out-of-pocket costs, go with standard wooden fences. You can build it yourself or use pre-built fences. Consider using a cement fence post alternative for faster installation as compared to regular cement. Vinyl and carbon fiber fencing saves money long-term due to their resistance to wind, water, and stubborn pests.

Install an Innovative Drainage System

As you explore creating the perfect outdoor entertainment space, you will come across drainage options for your landscape and decking. The common landscape drainage type for homeowners are gutters and French drain systems. These drainage solutions are effective. However, there are innovative and slimmer ways to create effective drainage for landscapes and decks known as slot drains.

Slot drains are conveniently installed on the underside of deck wood. They can be installed on brick or concrete walkways making it perfect to drain water away from your landscape. Landscape professionals are using these to minimize bulky grates and increase supply efficiency.

Natural and Innovative Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

Pests like mosquitoes are a constant problem during summer. They can ruin the entertainment experience. Dealing with them as soon as possible is in your best interest. Here a few methods on how you can ward them away:

  • Lemongrass – This plant contains a substance called citronella oil. Lemongrass carries a scent that repels mosquitoes. Peppermint, cedar, and balm also contain citronella oil and can be used to keep mosquitoes away. Install plants like lemongrass along landscape walkways or at the corner of decks to keep them away.
  • Smoke – Sometimes building a fire with light smoke can keep mosquitoes away. Smoke can camouflage your body keeping insects away. Some homeowners use torches and fire pits to create enough smoke to keep mosquitoes at bay.
  • Treatment Spray – Prior to having any entertainment or installation of outdoor renovation, have pest control professionals treat your landscape with chemical agents. It does require chemicals, but it’s time efficient.

Final Touches on Entertainment Spaces for Summer

Ultimately, the perfect outdoor space is based on your own personal style. Find comforts that reflect what you like or what your peers may like. You can never go wrong with effective lighting and drainage solutions. These things keep your deck and landscape protected from the elements. Protect yourself further with torches and plants that contain citronella to keep mosquitoes at bay. Lastly, privatize your space to secure the fun.