The best security features for commercial buildings

commercial building security

Commercial spaces require the monitoring of a number of safety issues as they are multipurpose buildings that are used for business. Mixed-use buildings are more exposed to risks due to the use of multiple electronic devices and flammable materials in office spaces. They are also harder to monitor as there are different types of people moving through the space. There are also compliance guidelines from the city corporation or council that these buildings have to abide by. Commercial buildings also contain a large number of assets that can rack up expensive charges if damaged or stolen. If you own a commercial space, these are the steps that you need to take to ensure that it is safe:

Install security cameras

Having security cameras in your commercial building should be your top priority. The best security camera systems are wireless so that you can constantly monitor the goings-on in your building through your primary device. This way, the footage will also be stored on the cloud, and there will be no risk of storage space running out. Look for a security camera system that comes with its own application so that it is easily manageable without the help of a third-party company. You can seek the advice of a security company to figure out the best locations for installing cameras.

Make sure your garage doors are secure

Secure garage doors are an important feature of your building. Hire a company providing garage door installation services for commercial buildings in Salt Lake City. You need a strong garage door with anti-theft locks to prevent break-ins. The strongest material for garage doors is steel or iron, though heavy wooden doors are also quite secure. Roller doors with double metal hinges are a safe option. There are no weak points to target during a break-in. They should also ideally be alarmed in case there is a burglary.

Be aware of fire safety

fire safety

Fire safety is an important aspect of overall building safety. Make sure that your fire suppression systems put in place are working and up-to-date. There should be automated sprinkler, carbon monoxide, and smoke detection systems, along with regular checks of electrical equipment. Any wiring that is damaged should be replaced immediately. Check to see if the scaffolding and cladding material used in your building is non-flammable. If your building comes custom-fitted with furniture, make sure that the furniture is also made of fire-retardant materials.

Watch out for maintenance weak points

Your building needs to be maintained in a holistic manner. Check for any maintenance weak points such as broken doors, damaged fixtures, and water accumulations. Make sure that escape routes are clear of barriers in case of emergencies. There should be no debris buildup as these pose fire hazards as well.

If your building holds multiple businesses, you need to make sure that they are all complying with safety standards. If some of these are storing flammable material, you should know and take proper precautions. Similarly, if the establishments you are next to are unsafe, you should inform the relevant authorities.