A new toilet installation in Orem can cost $428!

toilet installation

Most homeowners spend $428 on average for new toil installation, but some people can spend up to $900 depending on the type of materials.

The cost of labor for installation will also affect the actual price. When choosing among different plumbers in Orem, you should consult up to three contractors to compare quotes. You should expect to pay a contractor per hour, and it takes around two hours to install a toilet. However, the actual cost of labor can vary when the plumber discovers any underlying problems prior to installation such as clogged pipes.

Choosing a Toilet

Round and elongated toilets comprise the two most common types available on the market. Choose a round toilet if you have a small bathroom and a limited budget. Round toilets are also a better choice for children. On the other hand, elongated toilet bowls will require more space in a bathroom, have stronger flushing action due to the larger size, provide better comfort and aesthetics.

Toilets also differ based on each one’s flushing mechanism. Most homeowners choose the gravity-flush mechanism that uses the weight of water to flush the waste down the drain. The gravity-flush system requires less maintenance and doesn’t create too much noise. Another mechanism involves using pressurized air to flush water. Pressure-assisted systems are more expensive and noisier than gravity-flush mechanisms, although the latter has a higher risk of becoming clogged.

toilet installation

Why You Shouldn’t Install Toilets By Yourself

Once you choose a toilet type, you can’t just buy one and then proceed to install it in your bathroom. The typical homeowner doesn’t have extensive knowledge about plumbing systems and the skill to use different tools. Water damage can happen when you attempt to install a toilet by forgetting to shut the main water valve or puncturing a pipe as you install it.

If you’re worried about paying expensive contractor fees, you can negotiate for a better price when you hire a plumber during weekdays. Schedule the installation during the day and avoid those who offer cheap rates. Basic installations can cost around $115. A lower price will seem to be too good to be true.

When Are Replacements Necessary?

The need for replacements often manifests through common signs such as requiring frequent repairs due to recurring clogs. If you constantly need to use a plunger more than once every week, it might be a good idea to replace the toilet.

You can even save money by replacing an old one with a new model that has a low-flush system. Most old toilets use three or five gallons of water for each flushing while new toilets only use less than two gallons per flush.


While you shouldn’t install toilets by yourself, it’s good to know basic maintenance and troubleshooting to fix simple problems in the future. Look for a licensed plumber and ask for advice if repairs are more economical than a replacement. The cost of fixing an old toilet shouldn’t require you to spend more than half the price of a new installation.