Benefits of Flush Sash Windows – Flush Casement Windows

Flush Casement Windows

Flush sash windows (also known as flush casement windows) are a type of window design that features a sash that sits flush or level with the window frame when closed. This creates a modern and sleek appearance that is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes and renovations, as well as in period-style homes. They are typically made from uPVC or aluminium and can come in a range of colours and finishes to suit different aesthetic preferences.

Apart from their visual appeal, flush sash windows offer practical benefits as well. They provide excellent thermal insulation, which can help to reduce heating costs and improve energy efficiency. They are also highly secure, with locking mechanisms and toughened glass that provide enhanced protection against break-ins and intruders. These features make flush sash windows a stylish and practical option that can add value to a property and improve its energy efficiency, which is why they continue to grow in popularity.

Various opening configurations

Flush sash windows can be designed with various opening configurations, such as top-hung, side-hung, or tilt-and-turn. The type of opening configuration that you choose will depend on your specific needs and the space available for the window to open. It is best to consult with a window professional to determine the best type of flush sash window for your particular requirements.

Can be combined with patio doors

Flush sash windows can also be combined with patio doors to create a modern and stylish look for your home. The windows and doors can be designed to match in style and colour, creating a cohesive and seamless appearance. In terms of functionality, flush sash windows and patio doors can work together to provide excellent ventilation and access to the outside. This type of design is particularly popular in modern homes and can help to create a sense of spaciousness and connection to the outdoors.

Modern and energy efficient

Flush sash windows are a great option for those looking to give their home a modern and stylish look, while also benefiting from practical features such as energy efficiency and security.

uPVC or aluminium flush casement windows are a popular choice for homeowners due to their sleek and modern appearance, as well as their practical benefits such as energy efficiency and security. One of the advantages of flush sash windows is that they are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit different aesthetic preferences. However, some colours are more popular than others, and this can vary depending on the location and style of the property.

Popular colours

White is a classic colour that remains a popular choice for flush casement windows. It provides a clean and bright appearance that can complement a variety of architectural styles. Black, on the other hand, is a sophisticated and modern colour that can provide a bold contrast against light-coloured walls or brickwork. It is particularly popular for contemporary or industrial-style homes. Grey is a versatile colour that can provide a more subtle contrast against brickwork or complement other grey tones used in the property’s interior design. Cream is a warm and inviting colour that can create a cosy and welcoming appearance for traditional or cottage-style homes. Green is a popular colour for properties with a natural or rural setting, as it can blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Apart from these popular colours, flush sash windows can be customised with different finishes, such as woodgrain or metallic effects, to create a unique and personalised look. In the UK, the most popular colours for double-glazed window frames are white, cream, and grey. The most common styles are traditional timber-look and sleek modern designs.

Anthracite grey is becoming increasingly popular for UPVC double glazing and UPVC doors in the UK. This colour provides a modern and stylish look and can complement a range of architectural styles. Additionally, it offers a departure from the more traditional white or cream UPVC options, which can help to give a home a unique and contemporary feel. However, anthracite grey colour can often come with an added cost for UPVC double glazing and UPVC doors. This is because it requires a different manufacturing process compared to white or cream UPVC, which are the most commonly used colours. The cost of this colour option may vary depending on the manufacturer and the product specifications.

In conclusion, the choice of colour for flush sash windows depends on personal preferences and the style of the property. While white, black, grey, cream, and green are popular options, anthracite grey is also gaining popularity as a modern and stylish choice. Homeowners looking for new windows and doors in Lancashire, the North West or across the UK should consult with a glazing professional to determine the best colour and finish options for their specific needs and preferences.