The evolution of blinds


Could you imagine a hot summers day without being able to block out the sunshine? Well, probably not. Let’s delve into some interesting history of a common everyday household object, blinds! Everything You Need to Know About Blinds Blinds nowadays are an indispensable device in shielding your house from sunlight, but not everyone knows that

5 benefits of installing made to measure windows


Windows not only illuminate the house but also ventilate and add to the beauty of the house. However, all this is applicable only if they fit right. There may be a problem if you have a differently shaped or sized bespoke window. You can’t and shouldn’t use standard versions but instead, look for made to

10 questions to ask before replacing your windows


If your current windows are single glazed or showing signs of wear, and you’re considering replacing them, it’s important that you choose a trusted company to supply and install your new windows. If you just select the first business you come across without researching them or shopping around, you may be left with windows you

Motorized cordless blinds: Always a better choice than manual ones

motorized blinds

When it comes to home decor, managing home’s windows treatment always pops in the mind. Earlier manual blinds were popular and they are in use these days too but smart technology has overlooked their styles and comfort in usage. Motorized shades are in power today as in they have much more to offer. Windows hold

All you need to know about all-weather cafe blinds

cafe blinds

Feel like the weather is stopping you from relaxing on your favourite outdoor patio? All weather cafe blinds may just be the solution to your problem. Your garden is your sanctuary, right? The place you take some time to relax away from the hassles of everyday life. Why not set up outdoor cafe blinds and

Should I choose blinds or shades for a new home?


People other blinds and shades for their house according to their need and budget. Installing both of these are easy to control the level of light you want to let in and monitor privacy. To begin with, you need to determine the space you want to hang your blind or shade. You need first to

Upgrade your home with a pool or patio enclosure

retractable roof

Do you want to enclose your swimming pool, but not sure. Installing pool enclosures around a swimming pool area could be an invaluable asset for your home. It would be icing on the cake if you get the work done by professionals. A well designed patio enclosure will allow you and your family to use

What are window wells good for?

window wells

Window wells are not a special fixture in and of themselves, but they do give you something that is otherwise unheard of: daylight in the basement. Window wells also ensure that your view from these windows is also something other than dirt. Aside from giving you a room with a view, window wells have another

Everything you need to know about DIY blinds


We’ve all had some experience of attempting DIY in some form or another; some attempts are perhaps more successful than others. DIY can be a tough and frustrating undertaking, and if you’re not a naturally crafty person, delving into the toolbox is enough to cause a bout of anxiety. In this post, we intend to

Solar screen or window tint – What works best for your home?

solar screens

We all love sunlight. What about the UV rays coming with it? We love the heat of the Sun on a chilly morning. But, who does like the Sun heating the home during scorching summer days? We all need to block UV rays and excess heat from the Sun entering our house. And, we don’t