Can Aluminium Windows and Doors help You save Energy?

In today’s world, energy has become something we must consume as little as possible. Not only because of the cost, but also to protect the environment. Therefore, when we build a house or renovate it, it is important to choose the right materials to work with. Doors and windows often are the culprits, letting cold air in and/or warm air out. Can aluminium models help the situation? Here is what you need to know.

Why are Windows and Doors Important in Energy Saving?

Studies have shown that windows and doors are often the main reason there is a loss of warmth or cool from the house to the outside. In fact, it can go as high as being responsible for 90% of the loss. Even though it is always best to ask a specialist for a full report on the energy efficiency of your house, before starting to renovate it, you should know that if you feel that there is a draft coming into the room, when the door or the window is closed, then you should think of replacing them.

Aluminium is indeed a great solution, since the material is light, strong and requires little maintenance. You can learn about the variety of existing models at said, the choice of glass and sealing you will use, will also be very important in terms of energy conservation, as we will explain below.

What are the factors that can affect windows and doors efficiency?


The problem of an ageing window often come from the fact that the sealing that was used, when it was installed, has lost part of its efficiency. But the other reason can also be that the new materials available today, are much more efficient than they used to be, in terms of energy conservation. You can always decide to reseal the windows and doors, but if they are old, replacing them will be worth it, all the time.


Even if they are not old, windows and doors may have been sealed with a product that doesn’t provide the necessary density to keep the air from coming in or going out. The trick is to use a premium grade all weather seal to start with, or to remove the old one and replace it with such a product.


It is definitely the most important element, when it comes to making your house energy efficient. Many people choose lower quality glass, when they buy a window or a door, because of the higher cost. But that is a big mistake. In the end, this choice will end-up being a higher cost, in energy use.