Building value into your home: Home theaters

home theatre

Thanks to recent advances in technology, home theaters are becoming more common than ever. Technology is advancing at a more rapid rate than ever before which makes new technologies become cheaper faster. New technologies such as LED LCD HDTVs make it so pictures are clearer than ever.


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Type of TV

There are many different types of TVs that can be used in your home theater design. There is no singular best type of TV technology, however. The three different types of mainstream TVs are LCD, Plasma, and DLP. If your home theater is located in a brightly lit room that has many windows, you should consider going LCD. Thanks to the type of screen technology that they use, LCD TVs are easier to see when a glare is present. If your home theater is located underground or in a room that has no windows, plasma TVs are going to be best. Their rich colors are only viewable when the room is perfectly dark. If you’re looking for size and a good compromise between price and function, DLP is the way to go. The biggest downside to a DLP TV is that they are going to be a bit thicker than similar LCD or Plasma screens. This isn’t an issue for some people, however.


There are also many different types of audio that you can choose for your home theater design. Most people mistake audio to be less important than video. These people are sorely mistaken! If you can’t hear the highs and lows put out by your programs you are missing out.


Just as important as both the audio and the video is the actual design of the home theater. If you cram your home theater into a tiny room that is poorly organized you won’t be able to appreciate just how good your room looks. Many people prefer to watch their TV in a well organized and good looking room.


Another reason why design is so important is because seating is a very important part of watching TV. Each different TV and audio setup requires a certain distance that you should sit from your TV. Audio must be synchronized with the way the seating is set up. Also, different sized TVs need to be viewed from different distances. With both a functional and practical home theater setup you’re getting the best of everything.

The biggest trick to the home theater trade is designing a room that both looks good and has practical use and fits it well with your lifestyle. Once you have achieved the perfect balance between form and function, you’ll have a home theater that will wow you and your friends!