Can smart tech save you on your energy bills?

Recent events across the worlds have mean that we have all seen our energy bills soar. The cost of gas and electricity is a hot topic amongst both the government and ordinary people who have bills to pay, and everyone is looking for effective ways to cut down what they are spending on energy.

One of the key tools to this process is by making good use of the smart tech that is now available. It is not only there to make your life easier, but it can also help to save you a fortune on your energy bills.

Smart heating

One of our biggest energy costs in our homes is our heating, with many people already wondering whether they can afford to put it on. Smart heaters can be incredibly effective in saving you money on your heating bills thanks to the fact that they are able to be micromanaged.

You can combine smart heaters with smart thermostats to ensure that your heating is only on when you are in your house, and only in the rooms that you need it. They can switch off when a certain temperature is reached and can even be managed remotely through your mobile phone to turn them off when you are out and about and don’t need them.

By ensuring that your heating is only on when and where you need it, you can save a lot of money without needing to sit in the cold this winter.

Smart light bulbs

A smart light bulb gives you the ability to control your lights from your home. That means that you are able to see when a bedroom light has been left on upstairs hours before you might ordinarily have noticed it. You can also turn off a light that you might have forgotten about when you are out.

As many smart light bulbs also take advantage of LED lighting technology, they can use as much as 85% less energy than conventional light bulbs, making the savings even greater.

Smart plugs

There are a number of appliances in your house which as known as vampire devices as they continue to devour energy even when they are not in use. These can include televisions, computers, games consoles, towel rails, washing machines, printers and phone chargers to name just a few. Turning these off when they are not needed can make a significant saving throughout the year.

Smart plugs also give you the advantages of being able to control them remotely, meaning nothing in your house needs to be left on longer than it needs to be. Even if you go away on holiday, you do not need to leave lights on constantly to keep burglars away, just switch on a lamp or a TV  for a couple of hours from your sunbed if you feel that you need to.

Smart appliances

Many more of our household appliances are also getting smarter, including our washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. These all have energy saving modes and connected apps give you greater control of how they are used. There are tumble dryers which will switch off before the end of the cycle if the clothes are dry, and other appliances that will monitor how the machine is functioning.

Whilst some smart tech does require an initial investment that can seem expensive, the difference that it makes can be so huge that it will soon pay for itself. It can help to ensure that many energy hungry items in your home are only using that energy at the right times and that they are doing so in the most efficient way.