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Heating your house: how to stay warm without ruining yourself

Heating your house

As the winter chill sets in, keeping your home warm becomes a top priority. However, the cost of heating can quickly add up, especially if you’re not mindful of your energy consumption. Here you have some good habits to help you avoid paying too much for your energy, with a particular focus on your boiler

Can smart tech save you on your energy bills?

Recent events across the worlds have mean that we have all seen our energy bills soar. The cost of gas and electricity is a hot topic amongst both the government and ordinary people who have bills to pay, and everyone is looking for effective ways to cut down what they are spending on energy. One

Tips to Save Money If You Plan to Buy a House

If you plan to invest in a house soon, prepare for it. You want a place to call home, and it should match your needs. If you’re going to take out mortgage loans, you should prepare for the down payment. It’s better to place a substantial down payment and reduce your monthly obligations. You will

How to Save Money on Your Mortgage Payments

If you are a first-time homeowner or are just looking to cut costs when it comes to your monthly mortgage payments, help is at hand and there are a number of steps you can take to reduce your monthly repayments. It is the most expensive financial commitment you are likely to make throughout the course

Becoming more energy efficient this winter

energy saving

Want to save money on your bills over the colder months (and help the planet!)?  Here, LPG bulk tank supplier, Flogas, offer some timely advice: Don’t neglect draughts Energy wastage can be caused by many things, including draughty floors, windows and doors. Although they might seem small, gaps and cracks have the potential to let

10 easy ways to save energy around the home

energy saving

Are your energy bills getting out of control? Concerned about your carbon footprint? Saving energy and reducing your outgoings is easier than you might think! Follow these 10 easy tips to get you started… Switch to energy saving light bulbs They may be a little more expensive, but energy saving bulbs last much longer and

Save on your gardening tools with Gtech discount codes


Every season presents a different set of challenges for gardening enthusiasts. Spring is a curse for those who want to keep a nicely-trimmed lawn, summer can surprise us with heatwaves and autumn seems to bring all the world’s leaves to your doorstep (or is it just my problem?). Winter might require doing the least amount

3 ways maintaining your garage door saves you money

garage doors

It can be easy to forget or overlook doing regular maintenance on your garage door, but it is very important to make sure you spot and fix problems right away. When you keep your garage door properly maintained, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long term. Prevent Costly Garage Door Repairs

10 ways to budget your home improvement project


Are you tired of going home every day to the same arrangements of your house? Or your wirings are already faulty that there’s a dire need to have it replaced? Or you simply just want to adapt to the latest feng shui reading about your home? These are all the possible reasons why you want