How can I make my garden look beautiful without breaking the bank? – Garden ideas on a budget

gardening on a budget

Unfortunately, the Summer is ever so quickly drawing to a close – but we still have the rest of August in order to enjoy our gardens! And hopefully September too…sometimes the summer spreads out until then! However, regardless of what the weather is doing outside, don’t you want to look out of your window, and see your garden looking at its best? Or you could even be selling your house, and therefore need to get every bit of it looking as good as possible. Whatever your motivation is behind wanting to spruce up your garden, here are some ways that you can make your garden look beautiful – even if you are on a budget!

Make Your Lawn a Statement

Before you do anything, you should take a look at the state of your lawn. Say for example you were looking for a way of selling your home fast. Curb appeal can be the difference between a make or break when it comes to selling.

Therefore, you should always make sure your lawn, especially the front lawn, is well trimmed, and has a treatment if it needs one. The healthier that your lawn looks, the better your overall garden will immediately appear. Remember that.

But why stop there, when it’s so easy to make a statement out of your lawn? If you really want to make an impression, whether that be on potential buyers or guests and neighbours, why not try fashioning your lawn into a specific shape? Smaller squares, or even circles work the best.

Start by marking out your lawn with string into the shape you’d want it. Then all you have to do is, as neatly as possible, dig out the excess lawn around the outside. It costs nothing, it’s time efficient, and it looks great! A top tip for once you’ve done this, is why not fill the empty outsides with either bark, gravel or even flowerbeds? Get creative! This way your garden goes from ordinary to having a statement piece. Easy.

Flowers Always Work

Speaking of flowers, don’t ever shy away from them. Whether you’re a pro gardener or you’re just starting out, flowers make all of the difference to a once plain looking garden. However, if you are wanting to do it on a budget, look at the most cost-effective way of planting and maintaining flowers in your garden.

One option is to go for perennial flowers, and sub divide them into sections. Simply spread the flowers out, putting different sorts next to each other, plant them, and let them bloom! Nothing looks better than busy – but well maintained – flowerbeds bursting with colour, variety and life. It might take a little bit of time to get it to where you want it to be, but it’s worth the wait and the care to have your garden blooming.

Consider Planting a Tree

Of course, this also requires playing the long game, but planting trees is another great way of giving your garden the edge.

Not only this, but it’s actually great for the environment too. Planting trees helps to oxygenate the air that we breathe, and with the amount of deforestation that’s going on nowadays, every little helps. It can also be a sustainable way of growing fruit. Say you plant an apple tree, and are therefore able to source your own apples. This means that you’ll no longer have to purchase shop bought apples, and ultimately, you’ll be lessening the amount of plastic you use! Your garden will look great, and you’ll also be helping the environment. I think that’s what they call a win-win situation!

Add Some Lighting

Finally, consider adding some lighting to your garden! It may not seem like much, but it really does put the cherry on top of what is already set to be, a wonderful garden.

The best thing about investing in garden lighting, is it’s so cheap. The vast majority of outdoor lighting is solar powered, so it makes no impact at all on your electricity bills and they come on automatically when it gets dark.

Fairy lights are not just for Christmas. If you have a look at decorating blogs, they are at the height of fashion right now and ultimately give any space a sort of cosy and magical effect. Think about it, they’re perfect year round. Not only are they great for Christmas, but they’ll give your garden an air of enchantment on those late summer evenings. Sometimes the smallest things, really do make the biggest difference.