Types of deer fencing solutions

deer fence

If you don’t want your landscape plants eaten by deer, it’s important to know the different solutions available to avoid further deer damage. Deer carry ticks that can drop into your yard, which can even bite and cause Lyme disease. While you can kill ticks by spraying pesticides, it also means poisoning your landscape. Surely, you’ll find deer-resistant shrubs and perennials, but if you’re not interested in those, repellents and fencing offer the best solutions when dealing with deer problems.

Below are the different types of fencing solutions you can try for better deer control:

Metal Deer Fencing Solution

Through effective deer fencing, you can protect your plants and property, and keep disease-causing ticks carried by deer away. Also, you avoid using toxic chemicals and keep your pets and domestic animals safely enclosed in the yard. Metal deer fencing is the go-to type for years with the wire-mesh kind (heavy-gauge metal) that are attached to the posts.

Metal fencing is durable and effective, with the more expensive ones somewhat invisible because they’re coated with black polyethylene. However, less expensive metal fencing may not blend in well with your landscape.

Polypropylene Mesh Deer Fencing Solution

This plastic fencing is popular, which is also attached to vertical posts, like wire-mesh, forming an effective deer barrier. One major advantage of this fencing solution is that it’s less expensive compared to metal deer fencing. Also, higher-end plastic fencing has greater breaking load (how strong the fence is), and the mesh is almost invisible, perfectly blending with your landscape.

If you want relative invisibility, choose polypropylene-mesh deer fencing. However, if you want a more durable deer fencing solution, invest in a high-end products or a wire-mesh deer fence coated in black. Powerful animals, like deer, can easily rupture plastic fencing that is not strong enough. If you prefer polypropylene mesh, choosing a breaking load grade of 800+ pounds is highly recommended.

Here are the features you need to consider when buying a fence to keep deer away:

  • Fence Height: A barrier-style deer fence that’s about 8 feet is needed to keep away deer from crossing property borders.
  • Use Slack: Deer attempt to push under the fence, so make sure that there’s no gap between the ground and your fencing. Give yourself some slack for polypropylene-mesh fencing and spill it out over the ground and use stakes to pin it to the ground.
  • Repairs: Barrier-style fencing should be repaired immediately. A compromised barrier won’t be effective in keeping deer away from your property. Deer can easily find the breach has occurred, exploiting it quickly.
  • Can Keep Deer and Other Pests Away: Choose barrier-style fencing with tiny openings to keep other pests away from your garden or yard. While you have to pay more, it’s all worth the extra cost because of the rewarding benefits a high-end deer fence provides.

Wireless Deer Fencing Solution

If you want a lasting effect, a wireless deer fence training system is highly recommended. Smell deterrents, like sprays, are washed away with sprinklers or rain. However, a wireless deer fencing provides a startling and painful shock on the deer’s tongue or nose every time they come near the post that emits a sweet smell. Thereafter, the deer would associate the sweet smell with a painful shock, training them to keep out of your garden and yard.

A wireless deer fence is a product of modern and advanced technology that gains outstanding results when it comes to deer damage control. So if you don’t want to use wires or fences, you can still prevent deer from damaging and infiltrating your property with wireless deer fencing solutions. This way, you can focus on sustaining and safeguarding your business operations, and taking online digital courses without having to worry about deer infiltrating your property or place of business.

Choosing a deer repellent system that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic will surely eliminate your deer problem without being too harsh to your surroundings, including plants and animals. Your posts also will smell good with this type of deer repellent system.

Deer Repellent Solution

Whether you want to protect your residential or commercial property, deer repellents can help cast away deer by getting them to dislike the taste or smell of a substance. You can reapply deer repellents after a rainstorm for deer control.


Indeed, there are many options available when it comes to deer fencing. You can choose from wire-mesh, plastic fencing, sprays and smell deer repellents, and wireless deer fencing solutions. As much as possible, choose a deer fencing solution that is eco-friendly, humane, and proven effective. In that way, you keep away deer, stray animals, and even other pests from entering your property.