13 Stylish Fencing Ideas for Your Garden

Is your garden looking a bit drab? Especially with the winter (unfortunately) well on its way, you don’t want a dull looking garden space. From a sturdy structure to more traditional trellising, we’ve listed some of our favourite fencing styles to make your garden pop and give you a touch of colour on those dark

What is security grade fencing?

security fence

When securing any form of the perimeter, installing security grade fencing is a must-have. By securing this style of fencing you are covering the basics of area protection. Industrial fencing, (especially metal fencing) ensures that you can always discourage unauthorised people from gaining entry to your property, keep members of the team safe and protect

Types of deer fencing solutions

deer fence

If you don’t want your landscape plants eaten by deer, it’s important to know the different solutions available to avoid further deer damage. Deer carry ticks that can drop into your yard, which can even bite and cause Lyme disease. While you can kill ticks by spraying pesticides, it also means poisoning your landscape. Surely,

What’s the proper way to care for your metal fence?

metal fencing

Metal fences have a charm and appeal that many homeowners want for their property. However, not many people know how to care for their metal fences. But to be able to maintain that charm, it needs regular care and service. While most people find this task difficult, there are simplified ways to accomplish this. Here

Thinking of repairing an aluminium fence? It could cost over £300

fence repair

If you plan to repair a broken aluminum fence, it may cost $502 on average to fix it. Most homeowners could spend from $264 to $760, although the actual price will depend on certain factors. The extent of damages will determine the overall cost, as well as the length of time needed to repair the

Everything great about invisible dog fences & how to use them

invisible dog fence

Are you a dog owner with a love for gardening? Does your dog have a Ph.D. in digging and escaping? And are you constantly worried about your dog digging a hole to China? If any of the answers to those questions are a “Yes”, then you’ve come to the right place! We all know dogs

The most effective way to clean your railings


The railings around your house not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your home but are also an important part of home security. With all the other things that are done for the home, it is important to take good care of your railing to prevent them from rust and degradation. Whether you have

The importance of fencing in your garden

garden fence

Your garden plays a key role in beautifying your property. A well manicured, well taken care of garden takes a lot of time, effort and investment to make it look like the way it does. Despite that it is an outdoor area of your house, it is still part of your property and you have