How to put up a fence – a step-by-step video

How to build a fence

This excellent video will walk you through the process of erecting a wooden garden fence, with tips & advice from the professionals and a few common mistakes to avoid.

Here’s a few pointers from the video:

  • Use a string line and bamboo canes to mark out where your fence and posts will go.
  • A standard fence panel is 6′ or 1.83m wide.
  • Remember to include the width of your posts when marking out. The wooden posts in this example are 10cm wide.
  • Tie a string to your two end posts, and use this as a guide to get all your other posts to the correct height.
  • You should be using treated timber posts anyway, but you can soak them in wood preservative overnight to extend the lifespan even further.
  • Use a spirit level on two sides of each post to make sure they are nice and straight.
  • Metal fence clips (U clips) are easier and more convenient than nailing the fence panel directly into the post.
  • Your panels should be raised at least 50mm above the ground to avoid rotting. The gap can be filled with a gravel board.
  • If you need to cut a panel down to size, move the battens to the correct position first and use the end batten as a cutting guide.
  • As the cement begins to dry, trowel it up to towards the post to help rainwater run away.
  • Post caps are a simple way to extend the lifespan of your fence posts.