13 Stylish Fencing Ideas for Your Garden

Is your garden looking a bit drab? Especially with the winter (unfortunately) well on its way, you don’t want a dull looking garden space. From a sturdy structure to more traditional trellising, we’ve listed some of our favourite fencing styles to make your garden pop and give you a touch of colour on those dark winter days. No longer do you have to settle for basic, shop bought designs!

1. A Fence to Set Your Boundaries

If you’re looking to mark out your rear garden boundaries, then solid timber fencing, such as closeboard, can be an ideal choice. Closeboard fencing, which is also known as featheredge, is composed of vertical feather-edge boards, fitted to a frame of posts and horizontal rails.

Closeboard fencing is also incredibly strong and weather-resistant. This makes it suitable for a wide range of exposed locations. It can also be bought as individual panels, which means you can purchase a single panel and fit it to the frame if one was to be damaged.

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2. Open Up Space and Make Zones with a Garden Trellis

If you are looking to make up different zones in your garden, then you won’t need the strength and privacy of a solid timber fence. A great choice for this is traditional square or lattice trellising, which will section off separate areas without blocking out any sunlight.

Trellising is also a great idea for growing climbing plants and creating a ‘living wall’.

3. Make Your Garden Fence a Design Feature

Why not treat your garden fence as a feature wall in your garden? This is a great way to add interest to what would typically be a boring vertical space.

You could do this by painting a section in a bold colour or by adding a patterned panel to create a focal point.

4. Choose a Pretty Picket

Choosing a picket-style garden fence is a great way to provide a barrier around your garden space without cutting off your space completely. The low height of a picket fence is a great way to invite the interaction of your neighbours and the gaps between each give you a glimpse into the beyond outside world. This fencing can be a great way to section off a vegetable patch and give it some protection from pests, pets and children.

5. Want to Add a Further Touch of Rustic Style? Paint Your Picket!

If you want to make your picket fence look more stylish, then matching the colour of your picket fence to the gate and even to your home can add up to a rustic haven. Make sure to choose a pale shade and even match any planters to this colour for an added touch.

6. Like the Rustic Look? Pick a Woven Fence!

Another garden fence idea which is great for just screening and marking off boundaries is woven fencing, typically made from willow or hazel. This adds a touch of a rustic, natural look and is very much suited to traditional properties.

It also has its practical benefits, too. Woven fencing can be easily shaped to fit curved boundaries and with an open structure, it offers great wind protection.

7. Add a more Uniform Woven Fence

If you want a touch of rustic, yet with full-height fence protection and privacy, then woven panels can do all this whilst also providing added strength.

It’s also important to note that woven fencing is very appealing to climbing plants, which can make for a lovely living wall, yet this will damage the panels over time.

8. Add a Touch of Modern with a Slatted Screen

Don’t be scared to add a slatted screen fence to your garden. It’s a great way to inject some boho glam and by hanging string garden lights from it, suddenly you’ll have an excellent twilight entertaining space.

9. Metal Fencing Panels

They may seem like an odd addition to a home garden space, yet metal fencing panels can add an excellent industrial look that works really well with period properties. It adds a great edge to pretty meadow flowers and you’ll find that you’ll have loads of cut-out designs to work with that won’t look too heavy.

10. Add a Splash of Colour

As previously mentioned, during autumn and winter, as you summer flowers die away, having a colourful fence can make all the difference. Fence panels are available pre-treated in colourful stains, whilst you can also buy a wide range of fence paints.

11. Make Use of Climbing Plants

Using a wire trellis to support climbing plants such as roses and clematis can be a great way to break up your garden.

12. Build a Living Retaining Wall

Whilst, of course, it’s not strictly a fence, but a living retaining wall made from wood sleepers can form a raised bed that homes tall grass and low herbs.

13. Mix Slatted and Solid Fencing

If you have a small patio space in a garden surrounded by a busy street or next to a driveway, a great way to make it feel more private is by surrounding it with a tall fence.

To avoid an overly boxed-in look, however, the trick is to choose both solid and slatted fences, to both allow light in and give you privacy.

We hope that our garden fence ideas have given you some good ideas, to give you the enclosed space you’ve always needed to love your little chunk of the great outdoors again.