Common barriers to achieving productivity in the workplace


Do you have employees who start the dayexcited to check off their to-do lists? Then, you notice that they have not accomplished much in their eight hours at work. You need to reevaluate if there are some barriers to their productivity. In doing so, you may come up with solutions to help them. Here are some of the most common obstacles to efficiency.

Somber Surroundings

The old-fashioned layout of offices proves to be dismal for most modern-day employees. They are in search of something more engaging. As a business owner, have an expert do commercial interior design in your Melbourne office.

This professional can change your office layout to achieve the greatest productivity. They can even work on lighting, temperature, color, and the regulation of noise. By being mindful of all elements, they can remove the physical problems in your office space. The result is an inspiring workplace that can help boost productivity.

Subtle Distractions

Many distractions can take away the focus of an employee from their tasks. While technology can be a great help for work, it can be a silent distraction, too. Social media is at the top of this list. Following closely is checking emails. These two can take a huge chunk of time of employees. As a manager, you can have social media sites blocked during working hours. Also, have a designated schedule for checking emails.

Another subtle distraction ismultitasking. You might get surprised as others see this as a skill. In reality, this is a liability. By putting one’s energy in two or more tasks, it takes a longer time to do something. Also, different tasks can overwhelm and give stress to your employees. Thus, discourage your employees from taking on two tasks at the same time.

Scarce Resources

Some offices are not yet up to date with software or tools that can make work easier. Also, some employees need to have training in how to take on their roles more efficiently. A lack of such resources can affect the productivity of the office as a whole.

Therefore, it is essential to always research for software that will help your workforce. Take advantage of what technology can offer. Also, do not skimp on training or seminars if you think that it will lead to a more fruitful outcome.

Scattered Line of Communication

A poor line of communication can put gaps in productivity. When an employee is second-guessing, they will produce subpar output. Also, misunderstandings between colleagues can put a strain on the communication lines.

As a manager, ensure that there is a clear command with your expectations from each employee. You may do daily or weekly briefings of their tasks. Also, listen to their grievances against each other. As much as it is possible, maintain peace among your team.

Strained Health

Some employees get overworked and have poor nutrition. As a manager, make sure that workloads are realistic. Also, be sure to give them ample break time. A water station is a thoughtful gesture to keep employees hydrated. If there is a canteen in your office, make sure that they are serving healthy options.

Productivity is a personal endeavor. An employee should strive to do their best at work. But there are ways that the management can give an extra hand to boost productivity levels.