Decor trends: 6 floor lamps that will transform your house


Floor lamps are not only useful for light purposes but also create quirkiness, beauty, and aesthetics. There are many lights available in the market which could provide sufficient light but lamps are traditional devices and equally popular till today. Aesthetics and beauty created due to floor lamps make it necessary to have these accessories in every room of your house. Floor lamps are available in different sizes and shapes. Some shapes are incredibly beautiful than others. You just need a little bit of research to find the perfect floor lamp for you. It is considered that floor lamps create the best effect on the mind of your guests. There are 6 floor lamps that can transform your house appearance.

1. Geometric motif

Geometric motif emphasizes unique shapes, circles, and spheres to highlight the natural beauty of shapes and symmetry. It has a huge range of lamp options and it is considered really broad. The symmetry of the Geometric Motif gives the room vibrant, clean and elegant appearance. This style of floor lamps retrospects the charm and elegance of the 60s and 70s.  There are many designs available for the geometric motif in the market. Designs range from simple ones to functional ones. Geometric motif floor lamps are exclusively available in stylishly elegant designs as well.

2. Torchiere lamps

This antique type of lamp dates back to 17th century. These lamps were extensively used in France. The name Torchiere has been taken from its candlestick appearance. These unique style floor lamps are tall and offer the room more light. These types of lamps are easy to adjust in the room as well. Designers flirt much with its design but the basic concept has been preserved throughout the centuries. For making classic transformations in your home, Torchiere lamps are best suited.

3. Rustic

Rustic lamps show history and culture. For rustic homes, rustic lamps are best matching lamps. This lamp uses wood for its formation. Rustic homes are popular because these resemble our natural environment. Additionally, rustic homes use natural constructional material like wood and stone. When home will homogenously showcase the natural environment then rustic floor lamp should be a part of it. The rustic lamp will also show wood vanity and its original grace.

4. Industrial motif

The industrial motif is essential for those who love to give their homes a stylish but functional look. These lamp types are extremely popular among homeowners aspiring for modern and fashionable home appearance. Industrial motifs use rich metals like copper or silver to provide neat and clean appearance. For adding antique touch, Edison bulb is used. Industrial motifs are extremely fashioned floor lamps and must be used considering the recent trends of home construction.

5. Tree lamps

Tree lamps use multiple bulbs on different branches. It has unique tree-branch-like style. Each branch is adjusted with a bulb. Tree lamps are considered a perfect source for creating central lighting system which has a soft and stylish look. Tree lamp has added the advantage of adjusting many lights on the branches. You could adjust as many bulbs as you want. These lamps can be automatically engineered as well. You have the luxury to choose which bulbs should be on and off for a particular interval of time. You can also adjust the overall brightness of the lamp. When all of the bulbs are on then you will experience a full bright and shining room.  At night, you can turn on only one bulb for dismal light in your room. When there are few bulbs on, then you will have soft and ambient light in your room.

6. Hannah floor lamp

Hannah floor lamp suits best for living room or a hall. Its structure is made of marble which reports to classical elegance back to art deco. It uses five lampshades which make it unique from other floor lamps. It uses the technique of black metal spinning. The name of Hannah has been taken from the name of famous jazz drummer Jake Hannah.

There are many other types of lamps available in the market which you should also search before buying a floor lamp because floor lamps add beauty, elegance, and style to your home.

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