DIY for the workspace


Running a successful business is difficult, but ensuring it remains functional beyond the primary objectives shouldn’t be. I’m talking about having a workspace that is free from plumbing leaks, faulty computers or old, worn down furniture. There’s no doubt that you feel proud of your businesses’ existence and long to see it standing for many years to come. And, even if you don’t necessarily own a business, but are an employee in a company, you still feel all the same ‘feels.’ Well let’s be honest, perhaps not to the full extent of the owner, but, you too feel a sense of accomplishment for landing your role, and you want to see the company move from strength to strength. You want to see growth within the business, and you want to see growth within yourself, too. This brings a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

But, one thing you may not have thought of, is the way in which the environment affects your growth, happiness and performance. The working class spends most of their life in the office (sorry to break it to you), and therefore, it’s safe to say that the environment plays a huge role in how one feels about their job and the company, and it surely influences one’s execution. Feeling happy about the space you step into every day, is vital.

One way to achieve a degree of happiness in the office is to share a space where appliances, and the most essential elements, work with you, and not against you. This means computers that don’t give you a hard time every time they’re switched on, as well as feeling safe, both in a building and in an environment which is aligned with health and safety regulations. It means having high-quality furniture and a working kitchen area.

Ensure Health and Safety Regulations are Practiced

It’s an employee’s duty to speak up if the health and safety of the environment in which they’re working in, is poor. If the health standards are not met, employees could fall ill, or even get hurt, while on the job. This can turn into a much bigger issue, especially if employees start to seek legal advice because of this. The best thing to do is to ensure the health and safety regulations are continuously practiced in the workplace, to avoid unnecessary issues down the line. There are many health and safety officers who will send out industry professionals to evaluate the environment and will assist in improving the practices.

Fix Old Computers and Refurbish Current, Troublesome Ones

There’s nothing more frustrating than working on a computer that’s unpredictable. For employees to go about their working tasks effectively, all tools should work at an optimum level. If not, this can heavily affect performance and perhaps one’s sanity, too. It’s essential to get all appliances and equipment properly repaired, so that they’re reliable, valuable assets, instead of stress-stirrers.

And, while you at it, if there are old computers laying around, you could perhaps have those repaired at the same time, and if they’re not budging, at least try recovering the lost data that’s on them. I can guarantee you’ll find some useful data that’ll need safe-keeping.

Improve Work-Stations and make them Ergonomically Safe

Workstations that are poorly designed can severely affect people’s posture over time, and could potentially cause major health issues, such as muscle and back pain, neck issues, or could even contribute to weakened eyesight. An evaluation should be carried out on the height of the desks and computers, as well as the chairs that are being used. These factors need to be corrected rather sooner than later, to avoid complaints and serious problems.

Arrange the Office in a way that Promotes Transparency

Open plan work spaces promote a level of transparency and aid team-work. Transparency is vital and encourages employees to be open, both in personality and within their tasks.

Also, in this day and age most companies encourage employees to work in a team, and even if it’s not necessarily the case in some business, the employees are all working towards a common goal: to achieve company objectives. It’s important for this ‘culture’ to be reflected in the way the office is arranged. Cornered-off work stations should be exchanged for an open-plan office arrangement, where employees can see each other and communicate easily.

Improve the look of the Office, through Minor Decor Improvements

An office needs to look appealing and exciting. A boring looking office, which lacks color and energy, is going to make employees feel lethargic and uninterested. Here are 4 ways to update your property. To up the energy of the room, incorporate features such as plants, art pieces, or paint a feature wall a bold color.