Do ultrasonic repellers really work?


Ultrasonic pest repellers use high frequency sound waves that are said to repel rodents and insects. But do they really work? Read our latest expert guide to find out.

People often ask the question “does ultrasonic rodent repellers function?” Well, the answer is not that straightforward.

Ultrasonic pest devices cover an acoustic spectrum above our human hearing range– ultrasonic sound– over 18,000 Hz. The frequency of such product is as high as 50 kHz, about three times above the human ability of hearing.

Usually, we can not hear noises of a frequency over 18 kHz, with some remarkable people being capable of hearing noises as high as 20 kHz. But this is a maximum limit. So, in manipulating the peculiarities of rats’ biology, we have extra opportunities for defeating them.

It can be assumed that sonic pest product either disrupt the typical acoustic interaction of target pests, or simply drive them away using annoyance, fear, or complication. When these devices operate in the ultrasonic range, the sound they give off is faint to human beings, researchers of The College of Arizona affirm.

Rats and mice revealed to ultrasound come to be stunned as well as look benumbed in the beginning. They can’t suffer the source of strong discomfort getting on their nerves. They can’t perceive what’s going on immediately; therefore, you may see a rat running around or standing in amazement in the initial days of the repeller’s use.

Eventually, rodents start to recognize that something is incorrect as well as attempt to leave the zone of ultrasound. Thus, the time of rats’ disappearing may take from 3-4 days to 3-4 weeks.

According to the specialists, ultrasonic repeller will work on rodents as long as the following guidelines are observed:

  • Remove soft furnishings, drapes, as well as toys as barriers take in ultrasound.
  • Set up the ultrasonic repellers in all rooms simultaneously to ensure that rodents can do nothing but flee your home.
  • If you found the mice and rats have left the house, turn off the tool. Or else, their new generations will certainly be able to get used to the ultrasound.
  • Do not anticipate instant impacts because lasting outcomes will be accomplished not earlier than two weeks after the repellent was activated. Simply give the repeller a long time to develop an unbearable atmosphere for rats. The sound interrupts them at the beginning, and in due course, drives rats insane.
  • You need to reduce food accessibility for rats and mice. As you might know, food is the strongest inspiration for animals.

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